I get it. You want to leave your corporate job as quickly as possible to start your business – but your family want you to “prove” you’ll be a success before they “let” you quit. 

Leaving a prestigious position is a tough “call” and one where we can find ourselves seeking permission and approval from others before we take that leap. 

And for women wanting to start something new the “call for permission or validation” is even stronger! Why?! Because despite the prestigious position you’ve created for yourself in your career so far  — you still worry about doing the “right” thing and having the permission or validation from others about the decisions you’re making. 

The struggle for women with permission is real and rooted at a cellular level. Despite the fact in the western world have not needed that permission for the last 100 years — when we are breaking free to start something new and more significant, going against the grain can take us back to feeling like we still need YES from someone else. 

But stop waiting for that invisible person or your family to give you the green light — as guess what they probably never will and you’ll end up feeling highly resentful. 

It’s up to you to give yourself permission to :

To choose a different path. 

To course correct and redirect. 

To move towards work which is more fulfilling and soul led. 

To have fun and explore. 

To fail and make mistakes. 

To f*** things up and learn greatly from it. 

You need to give yourself permission to do that every single day. 

You need to write your own permission slips and be the woman who gives herself permission to herself. 


  • Lulu Minns

    Advocate and Award Winning Coach

    Guiding Women to free themselves from positions to prestige to businesses of significance. Coach, Advocate, Community Builder and Podcast Host of She Rebel Radio on ITUNES.