Let me ask you something: do you like social media? Or do you tolerate it because it may be necessary for your personal life, brand or business?

If you would have asked me this a few months ago, I’d have admitted my love for all things social was waning. But I’ve been having some high level mindset and strategy coaching and it’s changing quite a lot about my perceptions of things and why it’s important to focus on growth.

The thing is it’s very easy to be triggered by a post on social media.

We’ve all done it. We read something, get incensed by it, write a passive aggressive response on our own social media even though nobody will know what it’s about (you ok hun?) and then drink wine to cope with the annoyance (ok that last bit might just be me).

I used to get annoyed when others lied about their income or experience when I could see right through the lies.

I would be annoyed if people marketed their businesses in an unethical way.

And the final nail in the coffin was when others would copy my posts and livestreams exact word for word (one copied it so well she gave herself a husband with my husband’s name!). 

It started to feel like I no longer even wanted to BE on social media. And then where would I get my fix of dancing animal gifs?

Whether you’re in a business or use social media for personal connections, we need to think like the person we want to become. Will we sit back in 5, 10 years and worry about those silly posts? No, because we will be busy GROWING.

It’s pretty obvious to me that very successful people don’t concern themselves with the behaviour of others on social media. They do their own thing. They concentrate on their own values and their own businesses. They realise that their time is precious and it needs to be spent on their own activities.

Their focus is on their growth mindset, their self development and on collaboration with others who share their values.

We are all familiar with the idea that having a ‘positive attitude’ and persisting in times of failure leads to great success in the long term. But what if you don’t know where to start? When you are surrounded by people of similar growth mindsets – that help support you – and can share strategies of overcoming obstacles; that is where you begin to see results, which is why I created a 10 month mastermind to help others with their journey.

I started with coaching, mentors and memberships. And even now, I continue to work on myself but couldn’t have done this without the right support. I’m already changing and acting like the CEO I am becoming. I have grown hugely both as a person and as an entrepreneur by attending private retreats and masterminds where I have learnt from other inspirational entrepreneurs.

Although my path has been far from easy,  and I have faced many challenges on my journey. I have continued to successfully grow my own coaching business through surrounding myself with people who are growing. 

So the next time you read a silly post online that triggers you, project yourself 10 years ahead – what would your current self need to hear from your future self?


  • Lisa Johnson is a business coach (known as the 'Passive Income Queen') for ambitious entrepreneurs. She's a compassionate helper, straight talker, an insightful thinker and a passionate believer in working smarter, not harder.