The environmental impact of your business is a critical factor that is often overlooked. According to the infographic by, making your business more eco-friendly offers a considerable number of benefits. This includes reducing the carbon footprint of your business, minimising environmental harm, and attracting potential customers through demonstrating support for green practices. Research by found that 1 in 6 employees want to feel that their work is making a positive difference in the world, and a massive 87% of people feel that it is either somewhat or very important to work for a green company. One simple way to make your business more eco-friendly and reduce environmental harm is by switching to green suppliers who offer sustainable merchandise. If you’re looking for eco-friendly promotional products for your next event, then check out the massive range of products that are available in the UK.


Reduce energy and water consumption

This can be done in many ways, from implementing a procedure to reduce energy and water consumption to installing a green roof that helps maintain a constant temperature in the building.

A procedure to reduce water and energy expenditure, carried out in the simplest way, is to evaluate how, when and who uses energy and water and based on that set a series of guidelines to save. Once these guidelines are defined, they must be communicated to the people in the company and establish control points to assess whether consumption has been reduced. There are also consulting companies that are dedicated to evaluate these processes and propose solutions that optimize the use of energy to the maximum.

A vegetal cover manages to reduce notably the energetic consumption for air conditioning, since the vegetal layer on the surface of the building manages to insulate it thermally. This system also helps improve the environment through other advantages.

Avoid generating polluting waste and if it is processed properly.

One of the main problems that companies generate in the environment is the dumping of waste. Although there are already many regulations that regulate this, there are still many aspects that are voluntary and there are still companies that do not comply with the law because they find it impossible. This is the case of wastewater management: many companies do not have the economic capacity to install a wastewater treatment plant that filters their wastewater before dumping it into the environment, which is why they often miss the rule. In this sense, there is already a solution: phytodepuration. An alternative to the traditional water purifiers, of very high costs, is the installation of a green filter that, through the action of the plants manages to filter the water so that it is poured into the environment under the conditions that the Law requires. Another of the fundamental aspects regarding the emission of waste is garbage: installing recycling containers, recycling toners and other waste of usual consumables, and above all, spreading among the staff a “green conscience” we will make our company a place More respectful with the environment.