why you should have a date night jar

What’s the most memorable date you’ve had with your partner?

Was it the first date? A wild and funky one? Or an unexpected event?

Chances are, it’s NOT the date you have every Friday night on the couch. My husband and I have plenty of these. It starts with “what do you want to watch?” and ends with one of us asleep.

But recently, we decided to mix things up with a year of dates: holiday style. I gave my husband 12 pre-planned dates for us to do for the major holidays this year. Things like “make an Easter basket together” and “go on a spring picnic.” What a breath of fresh air it has been!

Now, I’m taking it a step further. I think everyone should have a date night jar with pre-determined dates! Here’s why it will change your dating life:

1. It Makes Date Night a Priority

First, the best way to do the jar is to pick a date the week before.

Not only does this give you something to look forward to, but you’ve just made your date a non-negotiable plan on the schedule. If you struggled with getting your date night in before, that problem is solved.

2. It Forces You to Branch Out

Next, watching tv all night for a date is relaxing. But when it’s all you do, you’re not really having date night anymore. Or interacting in any way.

By picking dates from a jar, you’ll be pushed to try different things and will most likely find a new great way to connect!.

3. It Gets You Out of the House

Finally, getting in touch with a babysitter takes a little time and work. But if you have dates that you’re looking forward to and are planned, you’ll be more motivated to find someone and truly enjoy yourself somewhere else!

*Also, the date night jar can be for at-home dates as well! It’s especially hard to mix things up when you’re in your environment, so a jar is a great solution. I like to do a mixture of both at-home and away.

Ok, but what do you put in a date jar?

Here are date ideas for out on the town:

  • Take your own picnic to the park and watch the sunset
  • Go see a concert or show (or an online one!)
  • Attend a sporting event
  • Go shopping together
  • Grab a coffee together and plan your goals and dreams
  • Meet another couple for dinner or drinks
  • Pick up new foods at the grocery store and eat in the car or at a nearby park.
  • Spend the night at a hotel or bed and breakfast

And at-home date night ideas:

  • Have a taste testing night
  • Learn new dance moves in the kitchen
  • Make a fancy dinner together (one of you makes dinner and the other makes dessert)
  • Do an at-home wine tasting
  • Indulge in breakfast in bed
  • Have a spa night together
  • Build a blanket fort
  • Eat appetizers by the fireplace
  • Get takeout from somewhere new

Now, if you know it will be difficult to follow through on your date night jar, then pick easy dates! Action is always better than intention, so do what works for you!

The holiday dates link above has great seasonal date ideas too!

To Consider With a Date Night Jar

Finally, take action! Find a big mason jar and stick a few of these dates in! You’ll be surprised about how much your relationship thrives under a little guidance and priority!

“You have to recognize that there cannot be relationships unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is love, patience, and persistence.”

Cornel West