Are you engaged and can’t wait to get married? After my engagement, I was so excited that waiting for many more months to get married seemed too much. Little did I know that marriage planning could be the most stressful time of my life. From buying a dress to arranging a venue, caterer, wedding cake, etc took up a lot of time. Though Styckie helped me quite a bit to arrange an excellent wedding photographer, I must say, all the other arrangements ate up almost 6 months.

We have listed a few reasons why you should be engaged for a longer period;

1. You have your whole life to be married:

When you are engaged, you would be in a rush to get married as the prospect of it sounds really exciting but you intend to be married for a long, long time hence to rush into a marriage is not really a wise move.

After I was engaged, I waited for almost 2 years to get married. Though I used to feel that the wait is longer than it should be, after being married 3 years, I feel that I could have waited a few more months and it wouldn’t really matter.

2. Weddings are stressful:

Engagement is a happy time and if you jump from getting engaged to planning a wedding, you will not be able to enjoy the excitement of getting engaged. Take some time to share this happiness with your partner before bombarding him with wedding planning. 

After my engagement, I and my partner went on many dates to just celebrate our engagement and it was a really enjoyable time.

3. Engagements end:

Ok, I apologize in advance to bring to you this harsh reality, but it is true. Engagements break due to various reasons and I say it is better to break an engagement than a marriage. Taking some time to sink in the fact that you both really are going to be married is important to understand if you and your partner really want to get into a marriage.

4. It’s a fun time:

The best part of my relationship with my partner was the time when we were engaged. I had the commitment which I wanted from him but still had my independence as we did not live together. Trust me when I say this, do not rush to get married as you will be missing out on the best time of your relationship.

5. You need to know each other.

Relationship dynamics change as soon as you get engaged. Learn to get accustomed to these changes before you set a date as it may take a while to get used to the new more committed relationship.

You have just got engaged so relax, where is your partner running away? And if he is then this is not meant to be and you should move on quickly. If you are engaged, you are bound to be married sooner or later, we say later rather than sooner as you can stay married always but you are going to be single (engaged) just for a few more months.


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