We live in a world that values constant movement and the continuous achievement of goals. 

We’re encouraged to set lofty objectives, to keep working, and to fill our lives with trophies, activities, and achievements in all areas. 

But there are a few problems with this mindset: 

  • It holds the belief that all people should have the same ‘high’ goals
  • That being on the go and pushing forward is the only way to meet one’s needs
  • And that being still is unproductive or backsliding into bad habits

In fact, continuously working and striving towards your career goals can actually have negative effects on your life. Whereas scheduling some downtime for yourself over a period of time can transform your life significantly.

Instead of getting on social media, try relaxing with a cup of tea. Instead of playing another podcast, reading another book, or joining another podcast, try indulging in some self-care. 

Periods of sitting still in our life can create profound and positive changes. In this post, we’ll explore how this is the case. 

Create mental stillness

One of the problems with staying busy all the time is that it builds stress. Sometimes to the pointy where you don’t even realize it. 

Taking the time to simply sit down for half an hour everyday and do nothing will make you aware of the amount of mental chatter and effort that you experience daily. 

Experiencing moments of stillness is a powerful way to rejuvenate yourself. You get a much needed breaking from sending emails, browsing social media, and giving your attention to thousands of cues online and in real life asking you to buy. 

Once you’ve had the time and space to experience stillness, you’ll be more productive because you can return to work (and life) feeling refreshed. 

Become open to unexpected opportunities

When we’re so busy setting our own pathways to success and following it, we block alternate opportunities from our field of vision. 

Instead, consider taking a break from constant work and self improvement; you’ll be surprised by new ideas that help you meet your goals. Or perhaps you’ll uncover new opportunities because you’ve taken the time to be still and listen to your inner voice. You may find yourself listening to people around you better and picking up information you ignored before. 

I went from working as a registered nurse to staying at home and looking after my newborn. I had more time than I knew what to do with, so, when my husband’s cousin approached me and my husband to help him with his business, I joined in and learned HTML and CSS.

Having swathes of free time and being willing to try anything is what has led me to owning my own WordPress plugin business today. It’s an unlikely direction that came about because I was sitting still, although perhaps not deliberately. 

Get deeper inspiration

When you sit still and allow your thoughts and feelings to just pass, you become more receptive to inspriation from within. 

Rushing about and living in a state of striving may seem like it’s getting you somewhere. But more likely, the opposite is happening. 

Take time on the weekends or wake up half an hour earlier to just experience quietness. You don’t have to meditate, journal, or even think during that time. 

At some point, you’ll get clarity into problems you’re experiencing in life. You may get inspired to write a book, start a blog, or reach out to an old friend. 

By sitting still you make room for new experiences to take shape in your life. 


You don’t always have to be on the move in life to grow as a person or to find your path. In fact, being on the move and being busy all the time can keep you from being truly productive. This is because you’re occupying your mind and your time with ‘filler’ jobs. 

It’s when you’re still that you can get insights into what matters to you. You’ll find new answers to problems, discover new opportunities, and find true happiness