Can you walk on water? Of course, a big ‘NO’ will be your answer. However, the answer will change to ‘YES’ if you listen to a motivational speaker. Congratulations! You have understood the main theme of the write-up, viz, how the motivational speakers are taking us away from reality and why you should stop listening to them.

Furthermore, “Self-motivation is the key,” the phrase looks forgotten to the youth, and this write-up aims to bring back memories.

So, dear readers, grab yourselves a hot coffee and start scrolling the page further. Let us begin!

  1. Pushes Into the World of Inferiority Complex: When the tempting voice of the motivational speakers fall into the ears of listeners, it brings along with it less motivation and more self-doubt & low-esteem. Questions like, “Why am I a loser?” “If he can succeed, then why do I lack behind?” starts giving panic attacks to the listeners. Well, the damage has been done, and you have successfully boosted your inferiority complex. Moreover, it will not be wrong to say that the motivational speakers are generating one depressed soul every second.
  • You Can’t Live Someone Else’s Life: Life serves different ups and downs in everyone’s plate, but no speaker will ever tell you this. Okay, let us understand it this way- sometimes, the struggle story of a motivational speaker sounds similar to the one you are living. After binge-watching videos for hours, you shortlist the best tricks that worked for him and try to apply them in your life with the hope that it will work in your case too. Soon, the time comes when the bubble bursts, and you face the reality of life. Remember, life is a journey, not a destination, and thus, focus on enjoying the journey without living someone else’s life.
  • Same Rant Everywhere: No motivation is complete without phrases like- “you are the best,” “don’t ever give up,” “work hard today for a better tomorrow,” etc. It seems like every motivational speaker work on the same script which was written ages ago. But, there’s a catch here, i.e., they present the theme so smartly that it looks tempting every time you watch it, and the idea of it being ignored nullifies. In simpler keywords, it is similar to gifting the same Christmas gift which you received last year in new packing.
  • Remember, Perfection Is an Allusion: NOBODY is perfect, but the motivational speakers will make you believe that they are NOBODY. Everything seems perfect while listening to their rant that we start believing that perfection exists in real; sadly, it doesn’t. Life is incomplete without hardships, and there is no guarantee that you will not face them once you get successful. Instead of seeking perfection, seek passion, and perfection will definitely run after you.
  • No Formula Works for a Happy Life: Everyone has their own definition of happiness, and therefore, different approaches are required to reach the destination. In short, life isn’t a math question that you can solve using a formula. Instead, it is an experience, and it is okay to fail, regret, commit mistakes, and make bad decisions. Experience everything that life is offering you, and stay ready to experiment with life. Set out to the expedition to search for the pursuit of happiness, and you will surely find it some day.
  • Self-Motivation Is All You Need: There is no motivational speaker better than YOU who can motivate YOU. Self-motivation is the key to success, and it is high time that you should stick to the rule. Grab a pen & paper and list down all your life’s problems. Pick each of them one by one and start solving them. Watching motivational videos for hours will not help you in any way. It will only push you in the world of inferiority complex.                                        

Let us end the write-up with an activity. Do you wish to meet the biggest motivational speaker of all time? If yes, then stand in front of the mirror. The person you see is the one you are searching for. Yes, you read that right! YOU are the only one who can motivate yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Stop listening to the monotonous rants of the speakers, and start listening to your inner self.

Your hot coffee is over, and so is this piece of information.

Good Luck!