When you are trying to slim down or become healthier in general, it can be easy to eradicate carbohydrates from your diet. After all, carbs have been demonized over the years as the number one cause of weight gain. So, it makes sense to ditch them entirely right?

Wrong! Your body requires carbohydrates, especially when you are trying to lose weight or stay healthy. Carbohydrates are needed by the body for it to operate and function optimally. They also play a crucial role in providing vital energy supplies for the body. As such, you should never attempt to eradicate carbs from your diet, no matter what the newest fad diet claims.

Why your body needs carbs

There are different types of carbohydrates. For instance, sugars are referred to as simple carbs while starches and fibers are referred to as complex carbohydrates. Our bodies need all forms of carbohydrates in order for them to work as they should. Carbs are particularly useful for athletes and individuals that participate in tough labor, which is why athletes often turn to supplements when they need to increase their carb supply. Click here to find out more about sport nutrition products.

Why you need carbs

They allow improved brain function

Your brain cannot function properly if you do not consume sufficient amounts of carbohydrates. Your brain operates on glucose, which is usually derived from carbohydrates. Without enough glucose, you would generally find it more difficult to think, learn, observe and recall things because your brain will not have sufficient access to glucose to allow your brain’s neurotransmitters to operate properly.

They prevent bloating

Healthy carbohydrates such as the ones found in vegetables and fruits contain high quantities of fiber. Fiber is essential because it helps your bowel movements remain consistent, which eliminates any chances of you feeling bloated or puffy.

Carbs help to boost your mood

Carbohydrates contain vital components such as tryptophan that in turn help the body to produce feel-good hormones. The end result is you feeling happier and less stressed out. Therefore, whenever you are feeling blue, eating a plate of pasta can help to turn your mood around. Furthermore, most carbs taste great and there is no reason you should derive your body of them.

Critical for the body’s energy supply

Carbohydrates provide the fuel that your body needs to keep moving and going. Carbs work a lot like gas in a car. If you attempt to live without carbohydrates in your diet, it can cause you to feel burnt out. Carbs fuel your body when they are converted into glucose so they are important for anyone that intends to remain healthy and on the go.