Organizations can experience challenges when they don’t have good leadership in place. It’s expensive to have poor leadership in place because organizations can’t retain their employees. There are things that organizations can do to have good leaders in place to improve how managers and employees feel about leadership and organizations. Some things leaders can do to get more trust from the teams that they lead include the following.


Leaders should inspire their teams rather than use approaches that constrict their employees. Every leader should eliminate using strategies that cause emotional harm to their teams that keep them from performing well.

Use active listening skills

A leader needs to hear feedback from their teams. The information that is shared among teams is more beneficial than the knowledge that an individual has on their own. Leaders gain respect when they listen to others.

Remain a student

Always have a desire to continue to grow. Leaders should remain students and allow their teams to see their willingness to develop and better themselves. This creates an atmosphere of learning in organizations.

Show empathy

Leaders should show that they care about the people they lead. When leaders show concern for their employees, it reduces the stress that their employees feel. This helps employees feel that leaders care about who they are as individuals. By distributing work to teams based on their skills and interests, leaders make their employees feel that their contribution matters and improves the work environment.

When leaders show empathy towards their staff, the result is that the employees show empathy towards the leader and the organization. There’s a secure connection between leaders and their employees in organizations. When compassion is shown, it increases the character of the people and improves sales and employee performance in organizations. It’s harder for an organization to be successful when there is a lack of empathy shown in organizations.

There are things leaders can do to improve their empathy. Leaders can take the time to connect with their teams genuinely. Leaders need to show that they care about each employee as individuals. Leaders should create a culture of belonging in their organizations.