You have relationships with everything in life and the quality of every relationship is determined by the quality of the relationship you have with yourself.  That’s why your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship of all.

I am not only referring to relationships with people, but I am also referring to relationships with things, objects, animals, places, ideas and concepts like money, time, authority, failure, success, etc.

The quality of the relationship we have with anything is determined by the meanings we give it and relate to through our thinking (meanings), feeling, speaking and behaving about it. In other words, you are the meaning-maker and therefore, the creator of your life.

It is from your meanings and associated emotions that you respond or behave and the consequences of your actions create your results and thereby your life.


For example, we attach labels (meanings) to people that determine how we relate to them. A label is a distortion because it reduces a person to the meaning of that label and nothing else. These labels are mostly adopted from other people whose opinions we trust.

These distortions, prejudices or assumptions we have, give us the license to treat people with contempt on the one end of the spectrum, to being totally submissive to them on the other end. To illustrate this point do you agree that when thinking of someone as a loser, or a bum, or up to no good, will evoke a vastly different way of relating to them than thinking of someone as successful, or rich, or as your superior?

Our meanings are subconscious, meaning that we are not aware of what they are until they reveal themselves through the emotions we feel. When you do become aware of your emotions, you can uncover the meanings you have given to the stimulus of the emotion.

Meanings have Energy

Meanings have energy and that is reflected in the emotion you feel. You can say emotions are the feelings of meanings in your body.  So, the emotion you experience about anything is the energy of the relationship from you about that. That energy is then bounced back at you.

It’s like hitting a tennis ball against a wall, it comes right back at you. The energy you put out through your thoughts and emotions, are broadcasted into the ether and comes right back at you through the law of attraction.

But when you change the energy coming from you, you affect the energy of the relationship and the energy coming back at you. What you put out, you attract. That is why a relationship you have with a person can change, just by changing your meanings and thereby changing your energy.

Relationship with Yourself

Most of all, when you change the meanings you have about yourself, you affect the energy that you broadcast and that in turn affects what you attract and manifest in your life.

Unfortunately, we treat ourselves worse than we can ever treat anybody else because the labels we give ourselves reduce us to experience life as that label.

What labels have you given yourself? Do you think of yourself as, “I’m such a loser, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I’m inferior?” Or, do you think of yourself as, “I’m a winner, I’m more than good enough, I’m unconditionally valuable and deserving of only the best?”

Do you agree that you would relate to yourself differently from the two different paradigms? Can you appreciate the different emotions you would experience seeing yourself through these two lenses? And how these thoughts and emotions you experience about yourself is the driving energy you operate from that determines the actions you take or not take?

So, who you choose to see yourself as – a loser and not good enough or as a winner and unconditionally valuable?

The truth is that you really are more than good enough, worthy and unconditionally valuable. Yes, you are a human being, but mostly you are a Spiritual Being in human form. In other words, you are Source Energy.

Most of us confuse our human journey with our spiritual journey. When you realize this fully, you also realize that your Spiritual DNA is perfect and there is no need for comparison with anybody that feeds the label of not good enough.

There is no need for fear of scarcity because you no longer look for what is missing in your life. You know that you can trust the Unknown as Infinite Possibilities.


Your relationship with yourself affects your relationship with God, Source, the Universe, or what that is to you, and your relationship with Money.

These three relationships influence each other and together drive the quality of every experience in your life.

This then determines the quality of your relationships with the people in your life, your health, and your business.

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  • Dina Marais

    Business & Life Reinvention Coach

    Dina is a Business & Life Reinvention Coach and works with entrepreneurs and professionals to reinvent their business and life, live a stress-free lifestyle and make money in harmony with their heart, health and the Universe. Dina believes to BE the change you want to see in your business by mastering your mindset energy vibration and leverage your expertise to manifest your vision and business lifestyle. She has been involved in coaching and business for more than 16 years. Dina is a co-author with 19 other women world wide sharing their love journeys of trauma and triumph in the #1 International Best Seller Love Unboxed by Placida Acheru.