The fact is, where you choose to live and the type of living arrangement you opt for has a huge impact on the lifestyle you’re able to live. Ideally, you should choose an affordable housing option, but your choice shouldn’t solely be based on cost. You also need to choose an option that lets you lead a lifestyle you enjoy. Here are some options to consider.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes are great for people who really value their privacy. You don’t have to worry about sharing a wall with neighbors who might find you too noisy or choosing what to cook for dinner based on whether or not the food smell will invade common living spaces. Also, with single-family homes, there are a lot of options. For example, if you have a small family, you might look into Cape Cod style homes or, if you regularly entertain, you might choose a larger, more modern home with a lot of amenities and space.

However, when you choose to live in a single-family home, you’re often responsible for maintaining the home’s exterior, which might be work you’re not willing to do. Also, if you’re single and don’t have a roommate, you might find that a single-family home doesn’t really fit your lifestyle well. You might find you’re able to save money and spend less time on maintenance if you choose a different living arrangement — and lowering your financial stress and shortening your to-do list is always good for your well-being.

Condos and Apartments

Apartments and condos are often slightly cheaper than single-family homes unless they are really elaborate or are located in a community with tons of amenities. However, that isn’t the reason you should consider this type of living arrangement.

Condos and apartments are often easier to maintain than single-family homes, which makes them ideal for anyone living an extremely busy lifestyle. When you combine your household duties with everything else going on in your life, it’s easy to get stressed out — and the state of your mental health directly affects your work and other areas of your life.

Living With a Roommate

Living with a roommate can have a big effect on your overall mental health. If you choose the right roommate, cohabitating can improve your mental well-being. Of course, if you don’t, it could bring unnecessary stress into your life. When choosing a roommate, you should always set expectations and limits immediately. It’s important to know what they’re responsible for and be committed to following through on their responsibilities — this is critical for everyone’s happiness and well-being. If you nail the roommate selection process, you might find you enjoy coming home to a house that’s not empty, having someone there to share your day with, and spending time on mutually enjoyed activities.


While co-housing is a relatively new concept in the United States, it’s been a popular living style in Denmark for decades. Co-housing communities are similar to condo or apartment complexes, but they are designed with a sense of community in mind.

People living in co-housing developments all have their own space to call home, but these complexes also have several common spaces. Typically, developments have a communal kitchen and dining area and residents share a meal several times per week. Depending on the co-housing complex you choose, you might also find workrooms with shared tools, play areas for children, community gardens, and outdoor sitting areas.

Co-Housing communities are open to singles, couples, and families alike, but you may find some that cater to a specific demographic. When it comes to choosing the right co-housing space, you need to consider costs and upkeep — all residents share expenses and community-related chores — as well as the type of people you prefer to surround yourself with. Look for complexes filled with people who have similar social styles as you, enjoy similar activities, and tend to be upbeat so the experience has a positive impact on your well-being.

Ultimately, the type of living arrangement you choose needs to allow you to live a lifestyle conducive to your happiness. Consider your overall needs and stress levels first. Then, look for an option that meets your requirements and is within your budget.