Alpha male

When people think of the term “Alpha”  many of them picture a handsome looking dude that holds traits of being charming, muscular and strong all rolled up into one. This is kind of the classic modern-day representation. If you’re here then you’ve probably heard of this term before. Anyway, believe it or not, real alphas are people that have vastly different traits. As time changes, so do what dictates the traits of alphas for that time. It’s not all about being the toughest and biggest anymore, in fact, far from it.

A real alpha doesn’t have to show off. The others around will just know. It is not something they have to convey. Contrary to popular belief the qualities of “alphaness” are pretty much in built in you. It’s as much about heredity as it is about personality. In simpler terms, some traits are inherited. So, let’s take a look at why you’re may not be the alpha you thought you were.

Can You Lead?

When you’re talking about alphas you’re ultimately talking about leaders. If you aren’t able to run anything because you can’t get people to follow you then you definitely can’t consider yourself an alpha. Leadership is a vital trait of any alpha and involves a combination of behaviors, physical traits, and personality. It’s both an art and a science. The “science” is the traits that can be inherited from birth and the “art” aspect is the skill sets that can be grown in you. When it comes to alphas, they’re a mixture of being born and made.

Are You Confident And Assertive?

Now, if you cannot lead then you’re definitely not confident. Those two work hand in hand. People rarely follow or look up to those that are anxiety-ridden, whiny and indecisive. You can’t make people believe in you if you yourself don’t and that’s basically what an alpha is all about. The trait that’s most noticeable about alphas is the ability they have to assert themselves. This is not like aggression where hostile tones are needed or used.

Assertiveness is confidence, at least when speaking about humans. A lot of this can happen through experience and are some of the traits that can be grown into someone as we mentioned earlier.

Are You Physically Strong?

Okay, of course, an alpha has to be strong physically and be able to handle himself accordingly. Over the ages, this is the one thing about them that doesn’t change. An alpha is often both physically and mentally stronger than many others around them. If you’re always worried about being triggered, often the victim of bullying or always in need of safe zones then you’re not an alpha. Truth is, a lot of this falls in the “science” part we highlighted earlier because much of it is heredity.  

Do You Have That Charisma And Style?

If you’re the most confident, most macho and toughest dude in the room but lack charisma and style then women definitely won’t be swooning over you that much and men surely won’t be tripping over their laces to follow you. Part of the whole alpha aura is having the ability to make people want to be you in one way or another. In fact, this is actually what separates the guy who’s merely tough from the true alpha.


The alpha today is not what it used to be in the days of old. Plenty has changed. With that said, a few things have still managed to stay the same. There’s a lot more to being an alpha than has been highlighted in this article. The traits listed above are merely the most well recognized of them all. Now, knowing all this, can you look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself you’re a true alpha?