Dissatisfied with your job? Don’t worry, You are not alone.

There are a number of people like you who feel depressed and anxieties with their jobs. It’s a very common issue these days, badly affecting the social behavior, economic growth and psychological health of people.

Let’s sort out the reasons for this dilemma.

There can be a number of reasons behind temporary dissatisfaction, for example, your boss disgraced you or you’re got quarrelled with someone or you are feeling it bit difficult to learn the new job. But the most common reasons for which most of the people are depressed or not satisfied with the jobs are as follows.

Lacking the true passion:

It’s a fact that if you are not working for passion then you are not satisfied. In most of the cases, people even don’t know what their passion is. They even don’t try to find out their own life goals and passions.

This is the major reasons that people even after making a lot of money from their fields, they feel embarrassed and unfulfilled in their lives.

If this is the case for you and you think that you are not suitable for the job it means you are not gonna be happy at last. So you must find your life goal and passion first.

Lacking wealth and prosperity:

There can be another case that you are working hard for the job and you are not getting paid the price you deserve.

In most of the cases, when employees feel dissatisfied is when they are not rewarded enough.

You put your time and energies to complete tasks and after that when you think to invest some extra time to make money so that you could meet your expenses. How can it be satisfying?

Yes, to be motivated all the time, something must be rewarded. Either its mental satisfaction or money.

Lacking progress in the field:

Tony Robbins has said, happiness comes with progress. Whatever you’re doing if you’re not making progress it means it’s never gonna be satisfying.

You notice that you’re just repeating a routine work for days and weeks and years. But nothing got changed. You’re what you have been long before. It will be another major cause of dissatisfaction.

Let’s find how to be happy with the current job:

Keeping in mind, all the above reasons – we just assume that you have at least one of them. Let’s say you’re not working for your passion.

You will sooner or later start thinking that you’re wasting your time and energies for something you don’t love. You have a mechanical life. You invest your time and make money. That’s all it’s about.

Here is the case, when you can’t leave the job because you have to pay for your bills. If you will leave the job, you can’t pay for the life you have today. In all such cases, you’re depressed and saddened because you don’t have a life that can please you.

But it’s possible that you can still be satisfied with your job.

As Louise Hay (author of several books) has said that it’s all about changing mindset. When you’re not getting high salaries but you should be thankful for whatever you have.

You should think if you didn’t have this job, you were not getting the salary you are getting. If you didn’t have the job you couldn’t meet the fellows you met and you couldn’t get the exposure you’re having there.

It means it’s just an approach that is not letting you feel pleased. As you change the approach. Everything will get changed.

Also, I told you happiness comes with progress. Even though you’re not working for your passion. But when you’re making progress in the field you will be satisfied. Whatever you are doing there must be a skill related to your job. You must master that skill.

You should feel every day that you have learnt something new you have more grip on your skill and you have more knowledge about your job.
If you will try it for a couple of days, when you will be master in your field and you will start becoming a matchless personality in the field, you will be feeling happy with the current job. Isn’t it so?