A quick history lesson on one of the most iconic cartoon duos of all time.

Wile E. Coyote aka “the coyote” and the Road Runner are a duo of cartoon characters from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons.

Here is the plot for each episode, the Coyote repeatedly attempts to catch and eat the Road Runner, a fast-running ground bird, but always comes up short. Instead, to using his natural animal instinct he uses his genius and comes up with some crazy contraptions to catch the speedy Road Runner. Typically he would draw up his plan and order it from ACME aka Amazon.

We are always looking for the easiest possible path or hack to complete a task in less time, yes sometimes it works but most of the time it takes longer to complete. I have fallen into that trap of trying to use my genius and ignore my natural instincts aka the mighty “GUT FEELING” The times I tried a crazy plan it did not work; the results from that failure where lost time and money. The money you could always get back but TIME is lost.

The Coyote mentality will not yield results; the constant failure will result in constant setbacks. Those setbacks ultimately costing you big in ROI. (Return On Investment)

The easiest route is not always the shortest route, most of the time it ends up taking you more time to complete those goals.

Let’s talk about the “GUT FEELING” aka your “NATURAL INSTINCTS”. In my opinion, the more you go with your gut feeling the more confident you become at executing the hard decision or solving the hard problem.

Here is the formula that works for me:

OBJECTIVE: This is your end result, how that goal looks like.

PROCEDURE: A list of steps that you will take to get to your objective “GOAL”

Apply this to any task and you will see immediate results.

Would love to hear your 2 cents on the above article.