What is the source of humanity’s innate wild nature? 

It’s a deep yearning from within. An urge to be free of boundaries and limitations that constrict the human spirit and the soul’s calling to live fully in love and joy. 

Like all things in the animal kingdom, humans must evolve on a physical and psychological level. This is in order to rejuvenate the vibrancy of the life force that penetrates all forms on Earth. 

Yet sadly, most of humanity struggles with something called NDD: Nature Deficit Disorder. It’s a severing of our tie to Earth. 

As humanity has evolved, we have become more urban in our lifestyles. This, coupled with industrialization, creates desensitization to our wild nature. 

You see this occur in being constantly stressed. Joy is no more than a fleeting emotion. You feel lethargic, fearful, and angry. 

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The growing digital and robotic world, unlike the analog world, disconnects us from the ability to conscientiously re-wild ourselves. Paradoxically, the digital boom fuels a separation from life force. 

For example, off-loading AI: outsourcing the human brain to computers. This could precipitate a decline of human nature as we know it. 

It represents a numbing of our feelings and most basic human aspects of identity. The results of this long-term, while yet unknown, will certainly be significant and likely catastrophic. 

Therefore, keeping in touch with the natural and supernatural plane will put you in touch with Nature’s capacity to revive ecosystems. 

Unless we are connected to her and that Life Force, the ecosystems in which we live will die and be unable to rejuvenate — sadly, we already find ourselves in the sixth mass extinction of our energy.

Wildness makes itself known in each and every one of us. Yet most people might not recognize it.

You can see it in people who are youthful, vital, in touch with their child-like self. 

On the flip side, anxiety and stress are key markers of being out of touch with the wild within. The repression of our wild nature and powerful emotions within us lead to depression and a host of other psychological and physiological diseases.

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Without expressing your feelings, your wild nature will not let you free of how these feelings impact you. 

As human beings, especially for men, we feel that it’s not culturally smart to share feelings. Men fear being seen in a way that doesn’t reflect how we appear. 

But this can amount to an inauthentic experience that holds back our wild nature and fosters illness. 

Repressed wildness can also show up as acid reflux, constipation. But humanity’s cultures have always harbored ways to combat this. 

They smash plates in the Greek culture. In indigenous cultures, they celebrated specific days for wilding — called “burner days.” 

Need to burn off some anger? Take a hammer and pound on an old appliance. 

So how can we tap into our wildness? How can people overcome the day-to-day obstacles that challenge our wildness? 

We all ought to spend time connecting with the wild, either in Nature or seeing Nature out your window. Honor even just five minutes of seeing the wind blow through a tree. Feeling the sunshine on your face. Lying down on green grass.

In our current era, we talk a lot about “reimagining” or “renewing.” At the core of all of these “re-“‘s lies wilding. 

Are you happy with the status quo? Then for you, wilding is irrelevant. 

But do you want to quantum leap? Dive into nature. Hug a tree. Explore a national forest. 

The coming year is inviting each of us to return fully to the wild nature within, to roar with the wild of who you truly are. 

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Mother Nature shows us her ability to regenerate, to protect the balance in her ecosystems. Humanity, individually and collectively, must do the same. In a word, “adaptation.” 

The years ahead will not be about sustainability, but rather adaptation. Wilding creates an ability to anticipate what may be lying ahead, in terms of our environment. 

When we anticipate, we can adapt. We can pivot. We can shift with ease. 

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And when we adapt, we do more than survive: we give ourselves the opportunity to thrive.


  • Adam C. Hall

    Inspirational Speaker, Author, Founder of The Genius Process

    Adam Hall Adam Hall, Speaker, Author, Founder of the Genius Process, empowers individuals and organizations to unleash their genius to rediscover and align their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. Adam’s background includes twenty-four years as the founder and CEO of a Los Angeles based Middle Market Real Estate Investment Bank. During his tenure, he raised in excess of $1.5 billion from both private and institutional sources. He served as principal on several successful commercial real estate projects.  His accomplishments earned him recognition and stature in the community. In 2004, Adam underwent a profound awakening. This began a period of deep discernment, exploration, research and study of Eastern and Western modalities, as well as, Indigenous wisdom traditions, Jungian psychology, and Quantum Mechanics. After a courageous and intensive process of initiations, Adam came to a comprehensive understanding of consciousness, the nature of reality and how this knowledge can be accessed and applied to one’s personal and business life. In 2007, Adam founded Earthkeeper Alliance Legacy Partners LLC., a for-profit B-Corp dedicated to land conservation and un-development. In 2016, he retired to consult with individuals and organizations to help them rediscover their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. As Founder of the Genius Process, Adam offers a new quantum mindset based on wholeness, as opposed to individualism and separation. His work fully integrates the biological, physiological, psychological, and ecological aspects of human nature with spiritual law and universal intelligence. He specializes in supporting leaders and companies to transform how they live their lives and do business to serve the greater good.   In 2013, Adam authored The Earthkeeper, Undeveloping the Future, published by Hay House. His upcoming books include The Divine Design, The Thirteen Wisdom Teachings of the Genius, and Wisdom for the Everyday Spiritual Traveler, a pocket guide to a life of Joy.  Adam lives in Santa Barbara, California where he spends his time mentoring young leaders, doing community and planetary stewardship work, as well as, other philanthropic endeavors dedicated to land conservation and education. He is a life long learner and is devoted to reinventing the planet. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters, four granddaughters and communing with Mother Nature.