better sleep

Gravity blankets are becoming increasingly popular as we’re becoming more aware of the benefits it provides for the people who use them regularly. One of the most common reasons for buying this blanket is to improve the quality of sleep. Undoubtedly, a better quality of sleep leads to a better quality of life. In other words, your body needs the rest it only gets while you’re sleeping, and to be productive and full of energy during the day, you need your sleep.

Gravity blankets are well-known for their positive impact on the various mental health issues, but they also significantly improve the quality of sleep. The question that interests the majority of prospects interested in purchasing one of these blankets is if it can really help you fall asleep.

Sleep problems

Every fourth American is dealing with insomnia. On a global level, that would mean that around 25% of people have sleep problems and disorders. However, a lot of us don’t think about how a sleep problem actually develops and why it happens to us. Stress is the number one cause for any sleep problem you might encounter during your lifetime. So, to understand sleep problems, we need to understand stress better.

To simplify it, stress is the way our body reacts to harmful situations, real or perceived. If you think about the number of times you’ve felt scared, frustrated or unmotivated to handle with a specific situation, you’ll realize how often you feel stressed. It impacts all aspects of our lives, including the time when we’re supposed to be sleeping. You will notice the impact of stress if you’ve had a rough day and had troubles falling asleep that day. But, it happens more often than we think.

Sleeping under a gravity blanket

When you’re sleep deprived, you feel exhausted the next day. If you’re struggling to fall asleep several nights in a row, you will become agitated and unmotivated to do regular things like going to work, talking to your friends or going for a walk. If you’re having a sleep problem or a disorder, you are even more aware of how important sleep actually is. With gravity blankets, you will gradually be able to fall asleep faster. Due to their weight, these blankets make you feel more comfortable and calm, so your body relaxes and is prepared to fall asleep.

Under a gravity blanket, your body feels protected so it relieves the stress that’s stored in your body. Of course, you will first need to get used to it as it’s a bit different than a regular blanket. The first thing you will probably notice is how grounded you feel under it. This feeling is the main reason why it’s easier to fall asleep under a gravity blanket. Over time, not only will you be able to fall asleep much faster, but you will also feel the quality of your sleep is improving. The best way to notice that is in the morning. The way you feel when you wake up lets you know how good your sleep actually was.

Positive effects

When you’ve gotten used to your gravity blanket, your physical and emotional health will improve as well. The more rest you get, the more energy you have which helps you to be more productive and successful in your life. Whatever your activities are, you will perform much better if you’re not having sleep problems. As sleep-deprived people tend to experience other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, a gravity blanket will help you deal with them too.

With good sleep, you will be more motivated to socialize with people, try out new things and do your best at work or college. As nobody is immune to stress, students also experience sleep problems which are caused by stress. Luckily, gravity blankets are designed for people of all ages. In fact, they are completely safe and can’t harm your health in any way.


If you decide to buy a gravity blanket, you will see many positive effects it has not just on the quality of your sleep, but also on your entire life. After all, without good sleep, it’s impossible to enjoy your life. Having a simple relaxing method like this blanket help you to really make the most of it without putting too much effort into it .