Will the COVID Grinch steal the Christmas

The impact of COVID-19 across the globe is massive, and still, it is impacting businesses all over the world.  Businesses organizations have permitted the workforce to stay at home and work from home by using business devices. Now the Holiday season is in full swing and people used to stay at home for maximum time. On the other hand, businesses are at stake in security concerns.  The digital devices of business firms are facing online attacks, and those employees working from home are on the verge of cyber-attacks due to a lack of online security. Business devices filled up with business data. Now the question arises: will the COVID Grinch steal Christmas?

How COVID Grinch put business safety at stake?

The hackers, online attackers, and others are more likely to target the business –owned devices during the pandemic. They have clear chances to steal the business data stored on the company’s PCs, computers, phones, and tablet devices provided by employers. However, eCommerce is at its boom, but still online attacks on these kinds of business firms could massive. Before we discuss it further, you have to see the statistics about the cyber-attacks that have happened to businesses. Click here https://www.theonespy.com/tech-grinch-steal-christmas-businesses-teens-safety/

COVID -19 has risen 300% of cyber-attacks across the businesses worldwide

Since the pandemic has made its way worldwide to the next level, hackers and cyber attackers have got millions of opportunities to target small business organizations. The work from home stuff has destroyed everything of business firms because devices provided to employees are unable to protect data from cyber-attacks. On the other hand, employees can perform plenty of mistakes and grant permissions to the malware, scams, and phishing attacks that create a way to steal business data. Therefore, we can say that the COVID-Grinch will steal your Christmas.

  • Data breaching stats that every business need to know
  • Businesses are facing online attack every 39 seconds
  • More than 40% of the small business targeted by online attacks
  • The average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million
  • 90% of the health care firms have faced cyber attacks
  • 60% of the business firms have faced cyber-attacks repeatedly more than five times
  • 95% of business firms got attack online due to employee’s error

How can businesses survive Christmas in the presence of COVID Grinch?

Employers are facing scams, malware, malicious links, social engineering, and hacking attempts on business-owned devices, like PCs, phones, tablets, and computer devices. Now it is your responsibility to cope with all the online attacks. You have to protect your business data and keep an eye on your employee’s unauthorized activities. Errors at the employee’s end can put your business at stake, and business data get wiped off. Moreover, you need to have a data backup of your devices to survive any cyber-attack or scam during the working hours on business-owned devices. You can protect your digital devices from hackers, data breaches, scammers, and malware, and many others by using monitoring software on cellphones and computer devices.

Install monitoring app for cellphone & PCs on business devices

It is an application that works secretly on business devices, like PCs, computers, tablets, and cellphone devices. You have to subscribe to it, and you have to get the license for each device available at a business firm. You will have to get separate subscriptions for different products, like cellphones and PCs. Suppose you have got the license of computer monitoring app and then you have to have the physical access on the target windows or MAC devices following the subscription for it. Once you have successfully configured the installation, then you can set it up on the target device. You can do the following monitoring activities to the fullest to prevent COVID –Grinch.

Record screen

Business professionals can record live window or mac device screens in real-time and get short videos back to back to the web control panel. It will empower you to know what employees are doing on PCs and computer devices.

Capture keystrokes

You can capture and record passwords, messages, messenger, and messages keystrokes applied. It enables you to know about strong or weak passwords used by the employees.

Data backup

Computer tracking app enables you to sync all the data on the business owned PCs to the web control panel. It means you can retrieve the data backup at the time cyber-attacks have vanished away everything.

Monitor emails

You can track and read emails sent to clients or any third party to save intellectual property.

Track stolen devices

You can monitor and track a stolen device’s GPS location in real-time.

Block websites

Block all the malicious websites that can install malware on your business machines.

Monitor employee’s communication

You can read messages, chats, group chats, listen to the VoIP calls of instant messaging apps remotely from the PCs.


Hidden Spy app for android and PCs is the best tool that can save your Christmas from COVID –Grinch, and you can make sure business safety to the fullest. You can also use it on cellphones, tablets, and iOS devices.