waiting for a sign

Very doubtful. 

We all say, in various aspects of our life – oh it just isn’t the right time for x, y, z. I can’t do that because of abc. And my favourite, ‘oh I am waiting for …’

So how do we know when to make that all important change in our career or in business? How do we know when it is the right time to go for that promotion, to move companies, when the one you are is no longer serving your needs, or even bigger, when it is time to go and set up on your own and just go for it? How do we know when we need a push to get us through the block that is facing us? 

How do we know when we have the solutions in us already, but just need to have the right conversation to figure it out?

The truth is there is no magic sign. No one is going to jump up and down and say ‘over here!’ Everyone is too busy with their own crazy lives. 

No one is going to make it happen for you. Only you. 

It is through a continuous niggle in your head over and over, no matter what you think about, you always return to the same conclusion. You have to go and do X. But but but – your comfort zone defenses kick in, pushing you away from what you really want. 

I love to play with my character. Whenever it starts to kick and squeal away from something, I make it do the thing it least wants to do. Want something – make it happen. Go through the pain. Push beyond your limits and comfort zone. Make it happen. For me a block was putting myself out there. It goes against everything I was raised to be. But I worked with an Executive Coach and I made myself do it and now it isn’t even a thought. I laugh now at the issues I used to have with it. But in my head I had made them so big. 

So how do you be brave, make that decision and just go for it? Whether in your career or in business? Whether it is something such as getting to a resolution with an incredibly difficult colleague, to going for that partner promotion. From figuring out what you want from this life, to leaving your role to set up on your own. Each goal, big or small, can be worked through. There is always a solution. 

I am a big fan of reverse engineering everything. So what is your goal? What is it you want? If you don’t know, speak to a coach who will work with you to identify what it is. 

Then identify what steps you need to get there. Then apply a timescale to each task. Put them in chronological order. Figure out the soonest date you can make it all happen. Then go and execute each and every step until you get there. Then you will look back and say that was easy. And you do it again. And again. 

It won’t happen by magic. It won’t happen by you wishing for it. You have to do the work. You have to make the plan and you have to follow through. There are no prizes in life for drifting through and then complaining because you don’t have what you want. So go now and make it happen. 

To your success!