So like many people, you’ve started off the year with some personal goals for your financial future.

Will this be the year you finally pay off your credit card debt, save for your future down payment on that home you’ve been eyeing to buy, or maybe funding that ever-important emergency fund?

All too often I see people stuck between two worlds, the one where they dream of bettering their financial situation yet torn between giving up their favorite vices.

How do we balance our adult dreams versus our current wants? The word adulting often comes to mind when facing this particular crossroads. Is it time to finally adult? The answer is yes!

Let 2021 be the year you finally make it happen! And why no start off the year with a practical 52-week money saving challenge to $10,000? This article provides step-by-step instructions and convenient printables to help you on way.

Why a savings challenge?

By participating in a weekly and year-long savings challenge, you are challenging yourself to be accountable towards a larger goal. Each weekly success will motivate you to continue on.

You can divide the weekly payments as you like, here are few variations to the challenge;

  • Equal weekly payments
  • Starting the year with lower payments and building momentum to higher contributions
  • Starting the year with higher payments and ending the year with less financial pressure

Need Help?

While these goals can be inspiring, they can also be as the name describes challenging.

Don’t forget to look for help if you need to make some spare cash, this helpful article covers 12 Realistic Side Hustles that you can consider for supplementing your income.

Just remember that you are saving towards a bigger goal so sacrifices will most likely be in order.

Other Options

Now if a big-money challenge is simply not a feasible goal for you at this time, here are some smaller goals;

  • At the very least get a monthly budget in order.

Tackling this often avoided task is the first major step in working towards a more financially stable life.

By listing all your expenses and wants, you can start finding small ways to start saving a little each month. Try to increase how much you are saving each month by at least 10%.

  • Maybe a smaller challenge, a value less than 10K would work better for you. Perhaps a 5K challenge?

Just find a financial goal you can be inspired to work towards.

Whatever savings plan you decide to pursue this year, decide to commit to it. Every little step forward is a positive goal towards your future.