Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season, and a Happy Christmas Eve for those who are celebrating!

I am having a quiet time over the winter break. It has been a very full year. I am very grateful for all that has unfolded. I am also reminded, however, of how I can overdo it. I am much better than I used to be in this regard, but when my back went out last week I got a not so gentle reminder to rest.

It is my intention to rest over the break. To have a quiet stay-cation and get cozy with Angus. Our girls are so busy with friends even when they are both home we can feel like empty nesters.

With my back pain, I find myself judging myself that I should have known better so I could have avoided the pain, but I do catch myself sooner and remember that me judging what is, is simply fighting with reality. Clearly, that doesn’t help. It is interesting how the pain in my back has me feeling like I am limping literally and metaphorically into the New Year.

I get these ideas that life should always look the way I think it should. I should always be in perfect health. I should have the perfect skin. The perfect weight. The perfect mood. The perfect behavior. The perfect cuticles. (I pick and chew them when I get tired — much to Angus’ chagrin) The perfect wardrobe. The perfect amount in my bank account. I have so many ideas about how things should be. I feel disappointed when I don’t meet those expectations, and I harbor hope that someday I will.

This still goes on inside of me even when I know that all of it is made up. None of it is true. I see things as imperfect. I see things that can be improved. I see lack and limitation. Sometimes the stars align and the perfect moment exists, but it is not permanent.

And then I remember the perfection of what is. I know it is beyond my comprehension. But with just a small glimpse of it, the freedom comes in. Flooding me with feelings of peace and well-being. I remember that I am okay exactly as I am. That I am enough. No more is needed of me, and it is okay to experience the full range of my emotional experience including the impact of judgment toward myself, circumstances and others. I don’t need to add changing that to my list of things to improve.

The truth is nothing can separate me from the I Am of my true nature. And this is true for you too! What happens when you look in that direction?

In the remembering of this, there is freedom. I experience gratitude. It is natural. I am not forcing myself to notice what I am grateful for or doing it as a practice. It is simply the experience I have.

I am grateful for you. I am grateful for the blessing of sharing what I see with you in service to you seeing yourself more in the fullness of who you are.

All of the lack and limitation I notice melts away when I drop into the present moment and experience the feelings of who I am. There are no words. Just the feelings of peace, love, and gratitude. My most profound experience of this was after the birth of my second daughter when I nearly died from a hemorrhage. I am sure I was high on some drug after the surgery, but I was so grateful to be alive. So grateful for all of the blessings in my life. I was filled up from the inside and overflowing with feelings of wellbeing. My heart was open and full.

I wish you the experience of being filled up from within this holiday season. May your cup runneth over with the experience of your true nature.

Sending you much love!

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