Candy Schibli is an engineer by training and a hobbyist brewer who has created countless job opportunities for other women. She owns Southern Roastery, a Baltimore-based coffee brewing company.

Candy digressed from her construction career to coffee brewing in 2016 when she took up some roasting lessons. She found the field exciting as she had many things to learn.

Candy kicked off her commercial venture with just a one-kilogram roaster. Luckily, there is a vast family-owned land in Virginia, and this is the place she set up her first shop.

Her strong-will helped her beat the odds, and she became successful in a line business that she had no experience before her investment. She did not know what to expect but leaped to make a new industry name. The coffee brewing industry is hard to break in, but she did.

Over the past four years, she founded Southeastern Roastery, a coffee bar, and a cutting edge coffee lab that creates various coffee flavors. As a business leader, she works with women by offering value chain opportunities, training them, and buying their coffee beans. She says that she is passionate about women’s empowerment and uses her position as a female business leader to help them.

She is environmentally conscious and supports recycling by engaging entrepreneurs who reuse burlap bags to create handbags. Candy has made outstanding products such as the Tanzania-Ethiopian, Asian Coffee, America Latte, and African Coffee.

Candy Schibli was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, and worked in Washington DC in her engineering profession. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Florida A&M University. She would later go back for a Masters in Arts (MA) in International Affairs and an MA in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development.

She supports her community by using the Black is Beautiful beer initiative to raise money for local foundations. She fronts for women equality and social justice; even other business leaders have recognized her accomplishments. Schibli is renowned for exemplary ethical practices, entrepreneurship skills, and a success-oriented attitude.

Candy says that she wants to do something that enhances quality of life, adding that humans consume coffee every day. Her business enables her to interact with communities from different backgrounds, making it possible to work with women worldwide.