The pandemic outbreak has impacted each and everyone around the world! It has made people go into a shell of fear and stress, thinking about negative scenarios about the virus. Working women often think about their health and their loved ones, provided that they get infected by the virus. Women across the globe need to take good care of the body and mind to thrive better during such testing times. And for this, it is necessary for them to opt-in for the best wellness guidelines.

Brian C Jensen’s wellness guidelines for women

Women get adversely affected by stress and anxiety of any kind. They can face imbalances of thoughts and the body that can result in severe ailments later. Hence, it is necessary for women to opt-in for the wellness guidelines by Brian C Jensen.

  1. Bring down the stress level

Women must reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Unmanaged and uncontrolled stress can manifest in several ways, such as headaches, increased blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Women must find out ways to bring down the stress level. It is essential to accept a few things that you can’t control. For instance, the after-effects of this virus are not known. Also, no one knows when the pandemic curve will flatten down. But it is essential to stay hopeful and think positive. For example, it is an excellent thought to remain optimistic about the vaccine and its success.

  • Reducing mood swings

During excess stress, women are prone to mood swings. One way to curb that down is by reading a book or getting engaged in healing and stress-free activities. For instance, making a glass painting will help women focus on something new and produce feel-good hormones.

  • Count on friends and family members

It’s a good practice to bond with loved ones during the pandemic! Women can arrange video calls with their best friends and family members if they are situated far from them. They can also confide in a dear friend or a family member about their fears and stress. It will help them get valuable suggestions and create a sense of bonding with their loved ones. It makes them feel that others love and care for them.

  • Sleeping and resting on time

Stress and anxiety get aggravated by an erratic sleep and resting routine. Women must create a fixed pattern and sleep on time. It will help them to maintain their hormonal balance also allow them to wake up fresh and rejuvenated. Sleeping on time also balances the energy levels and impacts the overall productivity positively. It makes a woman feel more hopeful about their day and manage stress effectively. Women must sleep at least eight to nine hours at night daily.

Women need to learn stress management during this pandemic phase. They have to find the balance to continue their work and find time to take care of their health. The guidelines mentioned above can help them to remove anxiety and live better.