2020 was a different year for everything but especially the common connection we all have with our homes. Due to the pandemic, Closedowns left many of us struggling to create home offices, homeschooling spaces, and gyms, changing the way we use our houses significantly.

Whether you are moving to a brand-new house, refurbishing your current one, or planning DIY projects for tomorrow, it’s important to choose an Architect and Interior Designer to create a place for you which can give you the best experience when you’re multitasking. While overall, there’s been an “anything goes” approach to Architecture and interior design in recent years, especially after 2020, the trends experts and interior designers predict there will be a lot of changes in 2021 as we will see more techno-friendly places. One of the best architects like Gloria Kloter, founder of Glow Architects, a topmost international Architecture & Interior Design Studio based in Tampa, Florida says these changes are already happening in full force.

This artistic women entrepreneur feels due to the Pandemic, new requirements are already starting. Architects and Interior Designers are sitting down, planning the designs of new things that are techno-friendly and giving creative solutions for when this type of situation happens again in the future.

We will see changes from a statement house office to indoor-outdoor areas. Prepare yourself to see new work coming 2021 in interior design that will have the “working from home” approach in mind and as a priority.

Architects and Interior Designers have to remain active and plan out some innovative ideas to give our spaces more reliability and a place where you can get the feeling of the pure working environment and if needed, like a home.

Gloria Kloter, we all know, is an award-winning trailblazer Architect and inspiring personality who motivates other women to find the leaders within themselves and be a part of changing the game of the Architecture and Interior Design world.

Here’s wishing Gloria Kloter, a top entrepreneur, a loving mom and chic Architect and Interior Designer all the best for 2021. Gloria and her architects community, we’re looking forward to seeing the reliable architectural solutions that this year will bring to all of us.

To see more of Gloria visit her Instagram account www.Instagram.com/Gloriakloter or Glow Architects website www.glowarchitects.com