“You’re more worthy than you think you are.”

Such a simple statement with such profound meaning. It’s not everyday that we meet people who tell us these words. The world is full of individuals who would rather see others fail so they can lift themselves up. Erin Call believes in lifting others up, so everyone can ascend together. 

This is the reason why I am especially excited to feature Erin Call a.k.a. The Soul Naked CEO in this installment of my Women Helping Women series. Erin is such a unique and precious person who has been a mentor to women by helping them uncover their authentic selves, and manifest the life and business of their dreams. The way she does this is by helping realize their true worth.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

I think a part of me always knew that I wanted to be my own boss; I would dabble in creating things as a kid & selling them. My first step into entrepreneurship began when I was 23, pregnant with my son, and decided I could no longer work in my corporate job. This happened between late 2012 and early 2013. I felt this awakening in my soul that was calling me to find myself and my true purpose in the world. I’d told myself at 17 when I had my first son that I knew my story was given to me so that I could somehow use the journey to empower women and so 2012 was my first real step into doing that!

I wanted to know myself, and my purpose, so I could have unlimited potential in terms of impact and income. I was ready to do something I loved, help people, and be abundant, so I set off with zero plans. I’m scared and excited, but wide open to universal guidance!

How are you making a positive difference in the world?

I am using mindset & energy strategies like hypnotherapy, EFT, embodiment work, and manifestation tools to simplify manifestation for visionary female entrepreneurs. I am helping women break generational paradigms of scarcity, lack, limiting beliefs and vows of silence, and come home to who they truly are!

This feels like and looks like women who say yes to themselves, feel safe in their bodies, master their frequency, and follow their dreams, even when their dreams seem crazy. This looks like dropping the struggle and hustle and accessing their true power source; their energetic frequency. Yes, this grows their business, has them manifesting more resources to do more good in the world. This work, also, introspectively guides women home to their soul and gives them the tools to activate a higher level of consciousness, which changes the consciousness of the planet one ripple effect of awakening at a time.

It creates more empowered women, who trust themselves, which impacts their children and their children’s children. This work, for me and my clients, is a true catalyst to evolution, ascension, and abundance as a collective.

What has been the greatest positive impact you have seen your clients or customers face from working directly with you?

For me, it’s watching women reprogram their limiting beliefs about their worthiness truthfully. The majority of the conditions we have created for ourselves are a result of not feeling “enough” in many aspects. Bringing women home to their innate worthiness and watching them see the magic unfold in front of their eyes is amazing. I have had women quit their corporate jobs, become completely debt-free, and start businesses. I have watched women learn to radically love themselves and thus find incredible soul-mate partners. Some of them have manifested their first five-figure months, manifest travel and holidays so they can truly enjoy their life. Clients have manifested their own dream business partners and clients. Most of all, they learn to truly LIVE in the present, create beliefs that support their desires, and trust their unique energetic blueprint. This allows them to tap into any reality they want.

What does being a purpose-driven business mean to you?

It means being deeply connected to my mission, and the impact that is making on other humans and the collective. It means always doing my own work, so I can elevate my results and hold space for others’ big, huge, audacious dreams. And it means always using my voice for the greater good, even when it feels uncomfortable and vulnerable. It means watching other women thrive, heal and manifest. It means truly being connected to the ONE-ness that we all are. This is a constant journey of unlearning who we were told to be, what we were told we could have, and challenging that paradigm, and that is of the greatest good for everyone!

How did you pivot your business during the pandemic? 

The biggest pivot I truly experienced during the pandemic, was the harmony that I had to find or rather create since my kids were now home all the time with me. As a mom and an entrepreneur, it is a different dynamic when you’re all together 24/7, and that posed some pivots in what I wanted to launch and the energy I wanted to give. It called me to be present, to do less and to trust more, and it actually has been amazing. Albeit sometimes overwhelming, good thing I have the tools to navigate this. I noticed a deeper call for women wanting to come together and feel seen and heard which has been so powerful! 

What are your top five tips to scale a business or use social media to attract new clients?

  1. Energy is the best algorithm. Learn your human design and use your defined centers to create really powerful content (also use your HD strategy to create content).
  2. The required action of someone in alignment is fractional in comparison to someone not in alignment; always focus on your mind, and your energetics first, and let that guide your actions.
  3. On relationships: creating content is only a portion of what you do. Have personal conversations, care about people, love them, and create genuine connections, and that will catapult your client acquisition and results. 
  4. On trusting yourself: stand in your power, speak your truth, even when your voice is shaky, and see yourself. In order for others to see you, your #1 job is to see yourself as an impactful, transformational, and worthy. Someone who people love to work with, pay, or buy from.
  5. Letting go of how you “should” show up and consulting your higher self is one of the most effective strategies I have ever implemented. This is your soul; she will quantum leap your results. Also, work on what meaning and story you have around money.

Where can people learn more?

Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook, follow me on Tiktok via @Soulnaked_CEO, or visit my website! You can also drop me a note at [email protected].