I am endlessly impressed and in awe of Shampaigne’s work. She’s done so much to help other women get started and stay in business, in such a short span of time. This is why I knew I had to feature her story when I first had the idea for my Women Helping Women series.

Shampagne is the founder and CEO of Bold Babes Co, an International Coach Federation Certified Professional, a very successful millennial entrepreneur, a writer, and so much more. She doesn’t let her accolades stop her from collaborating with others in the name of sharing learnings and helping everyone ascend further.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

After experiencing the death of my best friend at the age of 25, I opened my first business three months later with the intention of achieving a goal he never got to complete. It wasn’t until over a year later that I started Bold Babes Co. Having survived my first year as an entrepreneur, I experienced a lot of loneliness and inadequacy while networking in traditional business circles. I set out to create a tribe and culture that embraced women like myself in entrepreneurship. 

How are you making a positive difference in the world?

I am investing in women through the mediums of thought leadership, collaboration, social capital, and economic empowerment. I do this because I believe that if I truly want the best and to show another woman love, I have to invest in her in one of these ways. 

What has been the greatest positive impact you have seen your clients or customers face from working directly with you?

The greatest impact of being a Bold Babe is connection. Since I started this business in 2018, I wanted to make sure that members were utilizing each other to accomplish their goals. Understanding the power of collaboration, how to be a good collaborator, and why it is essential for women building brands with large social missions has always been a key pillar in the Bold Babes culture. 

What does being a purpose-driven business mean to you?

Being a purpose-driven business means seeing a problem in the world, creating a solution, and following a mission that outlines your intentions and actions towards solving the problem. 

How did you pivot your business during the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, our signature series of monthly business workshops were hosted at a local coworking space here in the Dallas area called Business Lounge Dallas. Our team felt that it was important to maintain a social element to the brand and having live events was our way of doing that. After COVID-19, we decided to move the goal-setting program online. It was a challenge in maintaining a social element during the sessions. Virtual networking, session moderators to encourage engagement, and prize drawings were added to the online workshops, and with the new changes, we have seen a 30% increase in attendance. 

What are your top 5 tips to scale a business or use social media to attract new clients?

  1. Create a Hashtag: The #1 social media platform where we see conversions is Instagram, and creating a hashtag has allowed our brand to be more easily discovered on the platform.
  2. Get a Team: Most women building digital brands are solopreneurs and while this is a great way to start and definitely cuts down on overhead costs, eventually it will be a negative factor in determining your loan worthiness and investment potential. 
  3. Create a Freebie: Our signature freebie is the Ultimate Collaborator’s Guide which to date has added over 500 women to our email list. Creating a free e-book, tool, or service is a great way to always attract new customers to your brand. 
  4. Keep it Personal: There should always be an element of your services that connects your clients to another person. This is the beauty of having a small business, and being the consumer of one. Making sure that customer service is always a part of your scaling plan is a great way to also retain customers as well. 
  5. Collaborate: As mentioned before, we’re all about collaboration. Partnering with another brand on a project can help you create new fans, followers, and of course clients. Doing something as simple as reaching out on Instagram and setting up a collaboration meeting has allowed our brand to continuously uplevel. 

Where can people learn more?

If you want to stay up to date with Bold Babes Co and how we’re helping millennial women start and stay in business please visit us online at www.boldbabes.co.