It was pick up time and I was earlier than usual. I sat by the garden beds waiting for my son to emerge from behind the doors. Another mom with her ten-month-old joined me.

Baby Ralphie’s (name changed) cheeks were round and soft. He had woken up from a good nap and his eyes were alert and eager. He pulled his body from his mother’s hold wanting to go and explore the world around him. For a moment I caught a glimpse of his face, slightly upturned, watching a bird in the sky. “Birdie!” both moms exclaimed. Baby Ralphie gurgled in delight. If I were a photographer I would have liked to capture that look of wonder on Baby Ralphie’s face.

It made me think of this feeling, this feeling of wonder; often elusive to adults, but so easy for kids to access. Can you imagine seeing something for the first time and experiencing that sense of wonder? The first time you see that leaf shimmering and falling to the ground. The first time you see a bird flying in the blue sky. The first time you see a butterfly flitting among the flowers, bubbles, balloons, kites, dandelions. How full and grateful your heart feels just being there to see them.

As we grow older, we become jaded. We forget the abundant wonders around us. It takes more work to feel the same wonder, but sometimes when you go somewhere new, or try something new; once more you can be present, discover and experience. Maybe the key is to always try something new. And maybe, once in while just look through the eyes of a baby, a toddler, or a child, and you just might feel that magic again.

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