Most entrepreneurs and business owners try to draw a line between business and pleasure. Then, there are those who see work as an organic extension to their lifestyle and truly enjoy the work that they do. The social media entrepreneur Giuliano Gigliotti believes that work and play can be one and the same. He hasn’t taken a vacation in years and he doesn’t plan to, as his work fulfills him in the same way a vacation would. He explains that entrepreneurs need to be less rigid about definitions.

“Once you have a great idea about a project that excites you, go pursue that and don’t worry whether you’re working enough and taking enough vacations. The two will naturally come together to create a complete lifestyle for you,” he explains.

Gigliotti himself found out that when the right idea and mindset is in place, work feels effortless. He moved to Los Angeles from Ohio immediately after graduating high school. While initially he wasn’t sure of the direction his life and career were going to take, he used his passion as his guide. A natural-born networker, Giuliano was able to create many meaningful relationships and foster business connections. He worked tirelessly and was happy to do so because it felt like fun. “At one point, I wasn’t sure whether I was working or just having a great time,” he recalls.

Gigliotti credits his success to his positive mindset and his will to always make an effort, regardless of what he’s working on. Giuliano has established himself as an entrepreneur on a global scale who collaborates with business owners from across the world. His key to success is to persevere no matter what the situation is. “Mindset is the starting point of everything. You ought to create a great environment for yourself where you can thrive. This should be your first order of business. Use your memories as a fuel for motivation and surround yourself with good people,” he says.

Giuliano started from zero and dealt with lots of adversity before work became a pleasure for him. “I always think back to these days, and it motivates me to go forward,” he says. He attributes his quick success to pouring one hundred percent of his energy into his work. “Work should feel fulfilling. When you love what you do, you’ll go far,” he advises.

This mentality translates into Giuliano’s hiring strategy. While he believes in the importance of building a team, he is very selective. “I only want people who know their individual strengths and can bounce ideas off of each other. I like my team to be lean and for everyone to take the work to heart,” he shares. Uniting people around a common goal is a recipe for success for the entrepreneur.

For Gigliotti, having competition is an amazing way to accelerate growth. He explains that his competitors inspire him to grow and to innovate continuously. Guliano is not fazed by challenges, as he believes that if he doesn’t have any competition, he may fall into the trap of being complacent.

Giuliano is poised to have a bright future. He continues to pursue his affinity for social media and marketing. He is looking forward to traveling the world and mentoring others so they can succeed in the same way he has; by loving what they do and creating a wholesome lifestyle based on inspiration and passion. “I don’t really plan on retiring any time soon,” he admits. “Why would I do that? It would mean stopping my work, which equates to having no fun!”