When you start out in life as a kid you have all these aspirations, remember as a kid you were asked what you wanted to be when you grow up, fireman, police officer or even an astronaut. My response was always the same, I want to be a DJ.

When I used to answer like this I would get looks of disbelief and then the silly question of oh so like Tony Blackburn or Pat Sharp at this I gave them back the same incredulous look, no I want to be like Nicky Blackmarket or Ed Rush.

The same problem affects budding DJ’s the same way, you always need the money to finance the first set of tools thankfully for my 14th birthday my parents purchased me a set of SL1210’s my life was complete, in the last 15 years my 1210s have done more than their fair share of the work and I decided to replace them, the problem as I found at the age of 29 it is just as hard to pull in the finance that you need for the equipment, after my parents denying me the ability to borrow it off them, I started to Google looking for some half decent second hand stuff.

That’s when I came across DJKIT these guys have an amazing selection of stock on their site, not only that but they also offer some great DJ financing packages.

They range from 6 – 24 months and they even have specific finance options for DJ Controllers, Lighting Systems and a few others, they can tailor each of their plans to exactly match what you need and want.

They even offer you interest free DJ Finance on their 6 – 12 month financing deals, the day after completing my finance application, I was approved and then sat eagerly awaiting for my delivery.

2 days later I was sat composing a new track when the doorbell went, I knew what it was and I jumped up like an excited child, ran to the door and tripped on the carpet and smashed my knee but not even that could dampen my mood, when I opened the door there it was all of my new kit stacked on my doorstep, the delivery driver clearly found it funny that I had almost crippled myself on the way to the door but it was all worth it.

It was a sad day the day I put my 1210s away, but nothing beats using new kit, unpackaging it the smell, the aroma even, the feel as you take the wrapping off of it and then finally when you have it all plugged in and you spin that first track, it is euphoria.

I felt like I could finally practice properly, I normally practice on my 1210s and then move onto USB decks and it just felt like I was missing something when I would move from one to the other, that is gone now as I know practice and play on the exact same hardware and kit so I have found that my sets have become a lot better and I have fewer little mistakes in them compared to when I  had to switch between the kit.


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