Working online has taught me a lot on the essence of being a smart worker rather than a hard worker. If you are the type that is always worrying themselves about getting things perfectly the first time without wasting so much time and money, then you need to learn how to be smart. One way, I have found is to use automation to help you get things quick and easy without killing yourself with lots of work.

When you are starting an  ecommerce store, you want to reap the best fruits that the store can offer you. However, most people think that the only way to get here is by working extra hard. But working hard has never helped anyone. You need to work smart. It is not that I am condemning those individuals who toil and  moil but the thing is that most guys who are so industrious end up burnt out and unfortunately, at most times, they have absolutely nothing to show for their sweat. How about you work smart and work hard on that smartness.

Well, working smart is the secret to online marketing. You need to know where to hit before you even get a hammer. And once you hit the right place, you really need not work so hard on hitting and hitting again because things are going to align themselves in the best way that you could ever pray for. You will be reaping big, have big revenue, humongous number of sales and the profits will surely be something to write home about with a smile.

Keyword research

In keyword research, we are looking for phrases that are being searched for and addressing the needs raised by the said keywords. There are certain tools in the online marketing world that are just suited for this. So look for them and make good use of the same.

Get products that are highly selling and on demand

You need to know what is currently selling. And selling really big. Do not try to introduce new products into the market because it will take a lot of marketing, publicity costs and social media advertising before people really know that a certain products exists and that it will save them from one of their pain points. How about spying on those who are doing great and selling the same products that they are selling. You need not reinvent the wheel; the wheel is already there. But how about bettering it!

One tool that I have found to be great in expanding my ecommerce store and making me get high selling products that are insanely in demand by my clientele, sell really well and will never disappoint you in analytics is Ecomhunt. The tool helps you with also ordering the products from those little nerds in China who make it, ship and then help you with advertising the product so that you do not go around hammering and looking for places to hit to get results. The tool oversimplifies things for you.

Look for those that there are market needs

It could be that the current suppliers are not really delivering on quality or maybe their prices are far from being pocket friendly. Look for that one need that the market is craving for but they are not getting. And once you get that one edge, capitalize on it; big time. We usually say that if you are to reap any fruits then there must be that one competitive edge that the current marketers are not looking into and you will be the guy who will look into it and help them out. Once you find it, you are assured that is the spot to hit right on the head with your hammer.