Work Smarter

Go to any bookstore and scan the front shelf there. There’s a decent chance that the majority of those books will be self-help. In this day and age, our generation is collectively obsessed with being productive.

Instead of actually going out and making things happen, however, we plan to wait for the right moment to strike; the moment where we’ll actually get all the work done. And as we all know, that moment rarely comes.

Fortunately for you, I’ve read my fair share of self-help books. I’ll save you the trouble and highlight a few things that might actually make a difference in the long run. 

In a few moments, we’ll go over a few principles that you can utilize and integrate into your lifestyle if you want to work smarter, as opposed to working harder, and getting twice the amount of work done! 

The 2-minute rule 

We’re the ones who are responsible for cluttering up our life. It’s fair to say that you’re not likely to be much productive if your workspace isn’t clean. A messy work environment can often serve as a distraction and doesn’t let us prioritize either.  

The 2-minute rule dictates that anything that can be completed within 2 minutes should be done at that very moment. Need to throw out the trash? Do it now. Refill the water cooler? Will take less than a minute. This way, you’ll be done with little tasks that often serve as stressors when cluttered together.

Always stay hydrated 

Roughly speaking, our body is 50% water. By not keeping yourself hydrated, you’re paving the way for illness and lethargy down the road. In order to stay productive, your body needs the essential resources to stay functional.  

Delegate wisely  

Teamwork makes the dream work. In order to get done with more in less time, make sure that you delegate smartly. If you have work that isn’t relevant to your direct field, try to outsource it to someone reliable.  

For example, if you’re in charge of organizing food for the Award ceremony, get in touch the restaurant that has a history of good performance. Likewise, if you’re looking to delegate tasks such as web design, then you can opt for services such as web design east Hampton

80/20 rule 

Also known as the Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule dictates that the bulk of your results will be credited to 20% of the effort. Hence, it’s best to focus and prioritize that 20%, which makes things happen. 

20% of your habits and activities will be responsible for generating 80% of the result. Make sure that the 20% you indulge in is worth it. 

Take it easy 

The worst thing that you can do to yourself, especially if you’re planning to be productive over the next couple of days, is cramming stuff and tiring yourself out. The general recommendation here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to take a break

Prioritize your emotional and physical health as well in the process. In the end, it’s fair to say that your ultimate priority should be yourself. 


The aforementioned principles are those that have helped me intensely in my life. If you integrate them properly into your routine, I can assure you that you’ll start seeing results within a week. 

You can either choose to apply them in conjunction or work on them separately. The only requirement here is to get things done, rather than wait for them to break you down.