Hoping to feel a little more productive, fresh and happy at work? These hacks can help.

In the UK last year around 828,000 employees suffered anxiety, stress or depression because of their work. This led to around 17.9 million working days lost during that year.

Any serious depression, anxiety or other mental health issues need to be assessed by a medical professional. However, in many cases there are things you can do alongside treatment from the doctor to help manage how you feel at work. Even better, you can often avoid work burnout with many different actions that serve as a preventative to stop things getting that bad in the first place.

Here are 6 actionable hacks to feel better during those all important work hours:

  1. Go To Bed Earlier

Sleep has a huge impact on the way we feel, especially at work. A good night’s sleep can skyrocket your productivity and your ability to handle daily stresses. One small action you can take to boost your sleep is to go to bed a little bit earlier. Don’t discount just a 15 minute change to your sleep routine, every little really does help.

  1. Eat A Proper Breakfast

White toast and spread won’t get anybody’s brain working ready for a day of work. Instead, try adding something with slow-burning carbohydrates, fresh fruit or veggies, protein and fats. A good example is overnight oats with chia seeds, peanut butter and banana. Or, avocado toast with spinach and a poached egg.

  1. Utilise Your Time Off

It might feel like using your time off to spend 24/7 playing with the kids, or partying, feels like making the most of it. In fact, you’re burning yourself out in a different way, so there’s no break. Half an hour of yoga of a weekend, a night in watching movies, or a coffee with a friend whilst granny keeps an eye on the kids – these activities give you a second to recharge.

  1. Keep Taking Screen Breaks

Taking regular breaks from your screen gives you a chance to give your eyes a rest, and your brain. It might seem like nothing to walk around for a minute every half hour, but it really makes a difference when it comes to computer-based burnout.

  1. Learn To Say No

How often do you say yes to plans or tasks you just do not have the time to do? Sure, you don’t want to let anybody down. But how helpful will you be when you’re burned out and have no energy to do anything? Learn to say no more often and you’ll find you have more time and energy to work on the things you really want to, and need to do.

  1. Boost Your Work Space

Whether you declutter your home office and pop extras into cheap self storage from Storing.com, or you add plants to your desk, boosting your workspace can lift your mood. It’s where you base yourself whilst you get everything done so it makes sense to make it work well for you.

Using our six hacks above you can feel a little better at work, without having to make too much effort. Whether you have a clearout and use your cheap self storage unit as your office, start sleeping a little earlier, or say no to that next big project, you’re bound to start feeling better at work soon.