Balancing between the roles of a housewife, worker, mother, and a spouse can be quite stressful – it might even seem unattainable to some. On top of all that, a woman needs to take care of herself, maintain relationships with friends and family AND find some time for her personal interests. However, with good and practical organizational skills, all that can be achieved if we really want it. Here, we are talking about working mothers and troubles they might find themselves in once they have a baby.

Being a working mom hinders her role of a spouse

Hectic weekdays and crazy schedules make it difficult for a working mom to find the time and energy for intimacy. After a long day of work, you just want to see your kids, eat, and go to sleep– lovemaking is the last thing on your mind. However, in order to avoid conflicts or, even worse, become estranged from your spouse, you need to dedicate some time during the week when you’ll express your love and gratitude towards them. It can be a weekend getaway or a fancy dinner in town – it doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you’re together, keeping the romance alive.

Being a working mom means less time for shopping

Working mothers and mothers-to-be often find it hard to dedicate a portion of their day to shopping. Going to the malls and supermarkets can be very time-consuming, and there are women who find shopping burdensome. Therefore, they have to be wise and plan their schedules meticulously in order to avoid wasting time. Technology has made it easier for us to do many things, including shopping. We no longer have to even leave our houses in order to buy something – we can do it online! So, you can order quality maternity lingerie online, purchase some cute new decor, or buy that new pair of shoes you desperately want – all that from the comfort of your home. Yay, Internet!

Being a working mom demands a division of housework

Housework has long been considered a woman’s duty. Nowadays, women are getting higher education and opting for a career, which leaves little time for their roles of housewives. No longer is the woman solely responsible for keeping the home tidy – with so many women joining the workforce, traditional roles of husbands and wives are evolving. Husbands are starting to take on more chores and in some homes, there is a division of housework between the spouses. That way, it’s easier for them to balance between work, housework, and parenthood.

Being a working mom means divided attention

Motherhood can take a toll on our well-being and working moms with kids are not spared, either. Whether it’s your first child or your third, it’s never easy. Leaving your child at home and going to work can be very emotional. That is why it’s no wonder many women feel ‘mommy guilt’ – the guilt of not being able to spend time with kids since they have to work. Sacrificing precious moments with children is what gives mothers a heartache because of divided attention between family and work. But, feeling guilty is not productive – therefore, plan out your day, focus on the schedule, and get things done to clear your mind for some family time and enjoy playing with your kids, guilt-free.

Being a working mom means sacrificing free time

A lot of working moms feel they have to sacrifice their ‘me’ time in order to take care of their newborn. Sadly, many women lose interest in things they were once passionate about – they forget about their hobbies and the importance of self-care. Balancing between work and motherhood usually leaves little to no time for seemingly ‘selfish’ acts. But, caring about our health isn’t selfish, and it definitely isn’t something you should compromise on. That’s why planning ahead is crucial for new moms – surely, you can find thirty minutes in a day for a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine. Ask your mother or sister to help you out with your child while you relax, and let all the troubles go, even if it’s just for half an hour – you deserve it!

Being a working mom can bring you a lot of stress, but it can also bring you a lot of joy. It’s a matter of perspective and good organizational skills. Finding balance and effectively juggling family life with a full-time job can be tough. Still, you need to do your best and take each day as it comes in order to enjoy motherhood as much as possible.


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