Health is the greatest wealth’, is an age-old saying that rings in our ears along with ‘an apple a day’ and reminders of early to bed and early to rise. And in this age and day, with the technological tempest and running around the clock, mental health concerns have occupied the forefront of the health domain. With the endless cycle of deadlines and projects, stress and pressure became everyday words and mental health became all the more important.

However, the year 2020 added another twist with the global pandemic that brought everyday life to a standstill. The clock has stopped, the finish line is now rather distant and we are left with monstrous amounts of that what was a luxury prior to the pandemic- time. We humans have a long history of turning adversity into opportunity. Even a pandemic of such magnitude cannot hinder our pursuit of excellence. Work from home is the new track and we are already keeping up the pace. However, this change in the work environment can have adverse effects on our minds. Because all said and done, man is a social animal and social interactions contribute a lot to our mental well being. 

Though work from home helps us to keep up with the pace and achieve progress, it also brings our mental health to a standstill. Isolation and loneliness creep into our schedule with the ease of a breeze. Since work from home takes away our interactions with colleagues that eases our stress and freshens our mind, it becomes all the more difficult to balance work and personal space. Therefore we must be alert and prepared to fight against this mental roadblock that can hinder our way of happiness and personal and professional development. And when it comes to a fight, choosing the right weapons is of the utmost importance. 

Though it might sound like a herculean task, mental well being is all about the little things we do. All that’s needed is a little bit of care and focus and you are already on your line of perfect balance. Here are some simple yet effective steps that can make a world of difference and turn every day into a brighter and smoother one.

Always keep a schedule: A schedule almost sounds childish and brings back the old memories of school and glasses. However, this step can contribute a lot in making sure that your path is smooth and easy. It provides a sense of purpose which in turn adds to our sense of satisfaction and happiness. Because it was rightly said that, ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’.

Stay CONNECTED: Even though the world has closed down, keep your own little world open. Be in touch with your immediate family and friends. Because this gives a sense of security and well being more than anything. Every human being craves a sense of belonging and understanding and where else can you find a better combination of those two other than with your loved ones.

Stay FIT: A healthy body opens the door to a healthy mind. So it’s important that you keep aside some of your time to sweat out all the stress and pressure of the day. 

MEDITATE: Take some time to connect with yourself. Because when you focus on yourself, it becomes all the easier to focus on the world outside. Meditation gives a sense of calm and freshness which rejuvenates the mind and helps you stay happy. 

Bring out that CREATIVE STREAK: A forgotten hobby? A hidden talent? It’s time to dust it and polish it. Or even better, try a new skill and add yet another gem to your list. Because after all as Kant said, the Pursuit of knowledge is the fundamental happiness for a human being. Cook, paint, sing, dance, learn a new instrument and the list goes on and on. It’s all yours to choose from.

These are a few steps that can help you make your way through the pandemic. Because we are species that cannot be stopped from achieving what we aspire for. In every journey, big or small, difficulties are inevitable. It’s all about how we deal with them. Because as long as we have a strong will, nothing can stop us from moving forward.