Social media has brought out our narcissist best and that has probably served as the single-most game changer esteem boost to many. The many who consider themselves ordinary, not the leader-kind, not the pretty-kind, not the change-maker kind: the many, myself included who present their best pictures, highest achievements, beautiful thoughts, best personal and professional accomplishments even when in the real outside world, these may be very small and maybe even insignificant among 7+ billion people and the cosmos.

But miracles happen when we do that, because our well wishers and friends come forward and boost our “good” moments. And lo behold! The Law of Attraction comes into play and multiply our beautiful sides and we are inspired to do more, share more. I personally know many whose lives have felt better with such positive re-enforcement from others who mean something to us.

Does it mean we don’t have ugly, dark sides to us? We are impatient, angry, judging, not so loving people too. We fight with our partners, get mad at our children, spend more time socializing than with our family or ourselves, make promises to others and ourselves that we don’t either intend to or manage to fulfill, we prioritize events or things in life that do not serve our highest good often, we try to beat the system at times to meet our ends justifying that it was harmless and we will be better next time. We do all of this and much more.

However, we highlight our better and beautiful sides and our support system come forward to fill our hearts and mind with unconditional love, acceptance and support {even the not-so genuine ones}. And in their love and support, we find enough love in our hearts to forgive our darker sides and move forward in life with renewed energy. We choose to work with ourselves, focus on our better parts in spite if our major and minor shortcomings and mostly, we get by and do well, some even better than others. So, the cliché of “thoughts create our realities” work for us.

Can we resolve to do that for our communities, our birth country, adopted countries, countries in transition we witness from a distance? For all the anomalies, chaos and failures that we see easily, there are numerous “beautiful” accomplishments, salient features that we forget to turn into “facebook moments”. Can we focus on those milestones, beautiful aspects with enough love, pride and good-will that we find forgiveness, acceptance and the ceaseless desire to keep working on our bit to make our communities more beautiful at all levels despite the ugliness, darkness we see often and easily? Can we genuinely believe that some good work has happened even in the worst of chaos and choose to partner with the goodness of people, intent and action? The Law of Attraction will work for our communities just as it does for us individually.

And this love and pride for our communities and countries I am referring to, is not the competitive patriotism and nationalism many of us feel when challenged by another, in comparison. Let us love and take pride in the beauty of our natural and politically bound communities, even when no comparison exists, even when the only audience witnessing our actions is a fellow person from the same community.

The ordinary, not the leader-kind, not the CEO-kind, it is actually each of us who can transform how we feel about ourselves and our communities across all boundaries. Love and cheers to us all in this journey:-)