The power of intentions has long been recognized and adopted by mindful individuals and gurus all over the world. An individual’s consciousness is something that not every professional taps into, especially when it comes to their career. Unlike goals, intentions are more about what kind of person you wish to be and what you’d like to contribute to the world. By setting daily intentions, an individual creates a roadmap of the kind of leader or professional they want to be that day.

Starting each day with your intentions can both motivate and inspire you to fulfill a greater purpose. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in a mundane routine and lose sight of your mission. Acknowledging and reflecting on the reason you sought out a specific career in the first place can have a significant impact on your overall perspective.

By practicing daily intentions, you’re able to reflect on why it is you’re in that career, to begin with. Reminding yourself of your passions and what it is you wish to accomplish through your role is a great way to start each workday. Simply thinking through your intention helps you thoroughly understand what it is that you want out of your job. This, in turn, helps you make more conscious decisions that are focused solely on that goal.

Practicing daily intentions as a leader can also be most effective for your overall business. Intent-based leadership cultivates a more encouraging workplace, where employees will likely feel more valued and motivated to pursue their own potential. A leader who starts their day with reflection and a clear mind exudes a different, more positive energy. That energy then evokes a different mindset and energy within others.

Approach your workday with a whole new sense of direction. Articulate clear intentions with the start of each new day and watch your life change for the better. Actions will start to change throughout your day based on the intentions you set for yourself that morning. Reinvigorate your purpose in life and your career and consider daily intentions. Shift from relentlessly striving and instead focus on the daily experience. Fully commit to your purpose and what you believe in. Connect with the goal behind the goal and make your days more meaningful.