Dr. Amera McCoy

“Starting a Diversity program does not mean your company practices equality.” These are powerful words from Dr. Amera McCoy, CEO, owner, and founder of McCoy Consulting, LLC. As the need for cultural awareness reaches a crescendo in today’s climate, nearly every company can use a hefty dose of diversity and inclusion training. And Dr. McCoy is primed and ready to help companies of any size tackle the weighty issues of equality in the workplace. But who is Dr. Amera McCoy? And how did she become a premier authority on workplace equity? Let’s find out.

Living the effects of workplace bias and discrimination

Dr. McCoy is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist who worked in finance for over 11 years. Her expertise in workplace issues, including equity and diversity, is validated by her corporate work experience. However, her minority status ‘times two’ provides her most significant credential. Being an African-American female in a male-dominated field showed her first-hand that bias and discrimination are real. Consequently, Dr. McCoy has not only seen the fallout from inadequate inclusion programs, but she has also been at the brunt of them. 

Unfortunately, Dr. McCoy found herself stuck in a position and with a salary disproportionate to her skills and effort. She was tired of watching her peers do less and achieve more. “My talent spoke for itself, but I could not change my appearance to fool anyone. I am and will always be a black woman.”  And this is when Dr. McCoy started focusing on the underlying issues that undermine productivity — primarily conflicts and dissatisfaction within the workforce.

Making the solution her passion

Dr. McCoy states, “Our vision is to provide end to end business solutions particularly focusing on the areas often overlooked by organizations concerning their greatest asset, employees.”  This goal is the product of her two specialties —  business and people. Dr. McCoy understands the complications companies experience with employees from being in business herself, and her psychology background helps her understand people and their needs.  Dr. McCoy is in the unique position of seeing workplace strife from both sides. This valuable insight makes her exceptionally well qualified to offer online courses that meet workplace diversity issues head-on.

McCoy Consulting, LLC, specializes in addressing the underlying issues with culture, including promotion, salary, and management, primarily related to employees of color. “We focus on how to create an ethical, inclusive, and equitable environment that fosters longevity and growth for all employees,” adds Dr. McCoy. Most importantly, she says, they try to uncover the history of a company’s work culture to assess the proper way to address racism within the ranks. These are the tough issues that must be eradicated for a business to move past a toxic work culture devoid of inclusion and equity. Dr. McCoy believes companies can overcome these challenges, but some insight and help is necessary, and providing these recovery tactics has become her passion.

Join the cohort

Dr. McCoy and her team at McCoy Consulting, LLC, are rolling out an online diversity and inclusion program in October. This course addresses questions surrounding the process of setting up a DI program that fits your business perfectly. This program is currently ready to book through her website. Dr. McCoy herself hosts this cohort for HR managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, and other business leaders. This course targets businesses ready to move forward by establishing a safe, comfortable, equitable work environment for everyone. 

Dr. McCoy says this program is perfect for any company struggling to build a DI program. She walks you through every stage of the process, from vision to implementation. Dr. McCoy uses current models, offers ideas for improvements, and addresses specific problems that might be unique to your business. The diversity and inclusion course by Dr. McCoy helps companies gain insight into their organization and provides tactics to communicate the necessary steps to employees. Dr. McCoy offers practical staff activities that subtly and effectively promote awareness and make your employees a more cohesive team.

Other services

Diversity and inclusion training is not the only course McCoy Consulting offers, however.  There are courses for developing a Leadership Mindset, as well. Managers, team leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs can all benefit from the Leadership Mindset content. These courses help people focus on understanding the essential components of effective, productive leadership, including managing employee issues.

Aside from the online courses, McCoy Consulting, LLC, offers a wide array of services. Whether it’s start-up business consulting, one-on-one strategic planning sessions, or business and personal writing assistance, Dr. McCoy and her team are ready to help. 

For more information on Dr. Amera McCoy and McCoy Consulting, LLC, visit her website McCoy Consulting, LLC.