In a day we fairly spend a large amount of time at the workplace which makes it an important part of our life. From having friends in the workplace, we also share festivals and events with our colleagues, which make these people to a very important part of our work life and our life in general. A workplace not only is the source of income for many, but it can also be the source of mental peace and happiness too. That is why it is really important to have a workplace which has free from all types of occupational disease and a positive environment. An unhealthy and toxic work environment can lead to mental health issues as well as physical health deterioration which obviously will result in loss of work and that can hamper the growth of not only the employee but also will be a loss for the business.

So first of all let’s us know What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is not something that only few people have, mental health is an vital part of every ones life. Having sound mental health is directly related to ones life, if someone is very happy and satisfied in their life with their work and as well as their personal lives than for sure they will enjoy their work as well and on top of that they will be a progressive person for both, i.e. their work life as well as their personal life. And they will bring the good vibes and environment for others too, and that will be a good environment at work place itself. But if some is facing any issue in their one aspect of life than this is for sure that their other part of life will suffer badly and that will hinder their growth in work and also that will result in more problems in personal life and this will not only result in bad personal life but one can loose their work because of this. And mental health is the state of one’s during the up and downs of the life at personal front or at professional front. The way ones think and react on such situations is the result of their mental health.

How to recognise Mental Health?

If one is having mental health issues than there are chances that you will see a tremendous change in their behave and attitude towards life itself. You may find some people at your place who were completely different before and now have turned into less productive and less talkative or who gets angry with even little mistakes. And you may find them more quite and making such silly mistakes that are not expected from them as the worker. People suffering from mental health tends to get tired easily and always will be seen in drowsy state.

What can be done to treat or handle Mental Health?

So when you are sure either you or someone you know is having some mental health issues, one thing that is to be done is to know how to treat the mental health. You can take the help of professionals in case the situation is out of hand or you feel there is no other way to deal with it. But for many people things can be handled with the help points listed below :-

  1. Talk:- The first thing to do if you or someone else is suffering from the mental problem is to talk. As people avoid talking in such situations as they fell either they will break down and will be considered weak but this is the one thing that will comfort anyone who is suffering from mental issues. Talking will bring down the heaviness of overthinking from the head of the sufferer.
  2. Keep Active and Eat Well:-
  3. Make sure you are participating regularly in the activities that keep you fit and healthy, in that way you will not only keep your body healthy but also will keep your mind free of any extra thoughts. Eating healthy may sound a bit childish but is a very important aspect of anyone’s life. Healthy living can stop one from indulging into fast food which is quite often done by people who suffers from depression.
  4. Ask for Help:- Don’t feel ashamed of your condition and don’t hesitate in asking for help for yourself or for someone who is in such conditions. Because if you can’t help them or yourself may be a professional can do so and can avoid any dangerous situation.
  5. Take a Break and Indulge in some hobby:- Best thing to overcome from this problem is to have a break and indulge yourself in some hobby that you like to do, this way you will keep yourself out of that situation and you won’t overburden yourself to prove yourself best or perfect. This will clear your mind and will allow you to analyze yourself and your mental health and you may find a solution for all this out of it.