If there was ever a time where people sought out inspirational content on social media that time was now. With most people still quarantined or partially quarantined throughout the world, even more, time is spent consuming social media content. Invariably, the consumption of food-related content is especially popular. 

Adam Schihab, an international chef based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, has answered the call for foodies the world over. When he’s not promoting his book or consulting for top restaurants, international chef Adam Schihab is spending much of his time curating recipes and food photography on Instagram, under the Instagram handle @fourberry17

Every day, Schihab produces short videos showcasing delicacies such as chocolate gateau royal, macarons, and lemon meringue pies, to name a few. Schihab owes much of his experience for artisanal baking to his work at Vanilla Group Co. He is both the Executive Chef and a partner with the company, which is a leading pastry and catering brand in Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East.

In attractively branded “Chef Tip” posts, Schihab also inspires other chefs to experiment with staple ingredients.

Schihab has always loved sharing guidance and tips, and started doing so first with his book, Islander Chef. The book available on Amazon, and is a collection of recipes that are described as “amazing” and possessing an “interesting European style.”

For Schihab, artisanal baking is more than his career—it is his passion.

“I don’t do my cooking or baking for the sake of money I do it because it is my passion.” 

To enjoy mouthwatering food photography and recipes, follow Adam Schihab’s Instagram here and learn more about the Vanilla Group here.


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