I was out for a walk this week and I notice an oncoming car is veering towards me on the road so I step off the road so it doesn’t hit me. As the car approaches, I see that it is a neighbor’s daughter who was not looking at the road at all. I couldn’t believe it because she is an amazing girl-super talented, smart, beautiful. 

She passed by me and never even noticed me.

Then I found myself in a dilemma. Do I call her mom? Do I want to be that mom? Kids make mistakes. We all do. Do I want to be a tattletale? Was it tattletaling? 

I decided I wasn’t going to call and just sent her some prayers instead but it still stuck in my gut a bit.

The very next day, another friend called me to tell me that she had sent my Angel Birthdays book off to a friend because her friend’s father, while walking across the street, had just been struck and killed by a 16-year old who was texting and driving and not watching the road.
Could I have received a bigger message? I felt like this was my Divine push to address the situation from the day before.

So, I called the mom and her response was precisely what I had hoped for and similar to how I would have responded, simply grateful that the village was keeping everyone safe.
But then something else happened.

Turns out, this mom was away for a few days just to catch a break, decompress and nourish herself because she needed to refuel from the draw from well, you know…everything. We proceeded to talk about healing tools she could use to replenish and meditations she could watch and had such a wonderful soul-to-soul conversation.

Turns out, God was using this car experience for something much more.
But I almost didn’t call.

What if I hadn’t listened to that second warning that I needed to call? Would that daughter be in a different place today? Would the mom?

When have you listened to God’s nudgings? When have you ignored them?

I have found that God is relentless. He won’t stop giving us signs until we’ve done what we needed to do. It seems as though He knows precisely how many signs we need. When we finally complete whatever we’re supposed to do, it always appears to be in perfect Divine order, even when we don’t respond right away. I feel like God accounts for our disbelieving hearts and minds and calculates the proper attempts necessary for us to actually complete the task in perfect Divine time.

There are many times in our lives where we receive messages, signs and guidance. Trust that these messages happen in perfect Divine order and in the perfect Divine way. Are you finding the next clue on your life’s journey? 

So often, I hear people berate themselves for not listening sooner and this is not what guidance is about. Guidance is about listening and responding when you are inspired to do so. I can recognize when I’ve ignored a sign but I also see how it ultimately was perfect Divine timing when I responded to the next sign. I believe that God knows this about us and plans accordingly so it is timed for us to respond when we do. Sometimes when we realize that we miss a sign, we pay attention and respond faster to the second sign. I believe this is all part of the greater plan and God knows our hearts so intimately that we receive the perfect number of signs to get the job done. 

So next time you find yourself deliberating on what to do, know that if you choose the path that will not serve you or those around you, a second chance will be coming soon. You are guided. You are protected and you are loved. 

Much love,

Photo by 青 晨 on Unsplash