Behind the scenes of a glamorous entrepreneur photoshoot and what most won’t talk about when it comes to truly following your dreams.

What you don’t see behind the camera of this photo is a scared unsure woman who simply had a dream/vision to be able to travel the world, help others in some way and feel fulfilled in what she was doing each and every day.

She was shaking through every moment of the shoot, from the first meeting of strangers by knocking on a hidden door in some random alley, to realising she’s never spent so much money on herself/her vision until this point of someone pointing a camera at all her loving possessions which summed her up at the time.

-A lover of champagne

-Owner of copious bangles which individually all have special meanings

-The shiny brand new MacBook which was the symbol of freedom living for me (aka sharing my heart and soul via my macbook online).

4 years go I decided to have a photo shoot for my business and for my vision to #livelifeonmyterms and help others to truly embody who they are and the visions they have for themselves and their lives.

What a difference 4 years makes.

What I wasn’t aware of at this time, was the fact that if I truly wanted the dream/visions I had, I would have to do it alone.

Would I have still continued if I knew what it would “cost” me (money & love)?

Would I have still continued if I knew what sacrifices had to be made (whether I wanted to or not)?

Would I have still continued if the type of woman I once was, were about to change like never before?

Before I answer I’d like to share this realisation I had:

You see, the things we desire are the real versions of who we are, which we often suppress or pretend aren’t really there.

Often the timing of life means it wouldn’t be “convenient” to try/take action. Many times we think it’s too late or we’re too old to try.

Surely, if we deny acknowledging and going after such incredible possibilities it means we are denying the true essence of who we are.

I’ve thought long and hard about this question for so many reasons, too many to share for now, but my answer is always YES. I would continue regardless.

All the sacrifices, risks, moments of crippling doubt, losses of love, investing amounts of money where most would deem me irresponsible to the highest degree.

Why Would You Carry On Regardless?

Because I believe if you’re not truly living your life in truth your hiding parts of your incredible self that the world doesn’t get to see and that, my lovely, is a great shame indeed.

Imagine if BeyoncĂ© was so worried what her sisters thought we’d only have Destiny’s Child (which were ok, but not a patch on Queen B and the epic legacy of female empowerment).

Imagine if CHANEL decided not to take a stand for the types of clothes she wished to wear, even though society thought she dressed too masculine.

Imagine if Ellen DeGeneres listened to the critics (some nearest and dearest to her) and decided not to create a show sharing with others the beautifulness of treating each other with love and compassion.

I’m not sharing this as a sob story, but as fierce reminder that if you are seeking a new direction which is not being understood, if your creativity is being seen as a obstacle or interference with the “way things are”:

I see you

I hear you

I know all too well

If such things bring you joy, make you feel like a better version of yourself and brings a smile to your face each day…

– Buckle up

– Hold your head up high

-Seek support from someone who has also walked that path


– Keep going.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Remember, the life you are seeking is seeking you right back (and it’s not too late).

Much love,

Stacey x

Climbing Mount Warning (Near Byron Bay, Australia) the other day.
(P.s Keep on going. You’ve got this, gorgeous!)