The prior resemblance of a routinely scheduled week off efficiently appears in the recognizable form of a reliably validated, invaluable statement, ‘we can remind ourselves that downtime is a feature.’

Confidently echoing that effectively effortless, simple sentiment, relief conveniently spells out in a similarly, like minded, presentable, continuous thought revelation and reflection process non secretly characterized as a verifiably categorical status update.

Endlessly guided by classically joyous, observantly uplifting, resilient, motivational stories, an honest refreshment of the individual is also deemed as qualitative. Often reshaping a story’s uniquely filtered perspective is proven to be critically and justly important. Shifting the fulfilled outcome of a functional tale provides a nearby distant future outlook.

Recording timely events captured in a significantly, well written blog is an informative passion project independently focusing on the familiarly burgeoning artistry and the creativity actively offered throughout the relevant daily structure and the objective use of poignantly, factually, thematically detailed storytelling (also referred to as journaling and/or note taking).

‘If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen’ is a preferably popular quote leading to the organizing, daunting pressures of overworking and too much concentration amidst not paying attention to the recommended opportunities of decompression and regrouping. Burnout is a common trait directly resulting in non productivity. Change is necessary.