One way that I have found of leveraging my online income is selling off my blog content in form of ebooks. It works all the time. It is however a little bit cumbersome and time-intensive when I have to literally copy and paste the content from the blog urls into a word editor and then format it into a nice ebook. Since I am not a very good graphic designer, I have had to hire graphic design gigs on Fiverr and work with the freelancer till I get what I want. It is never easy because these graphic design freelancers never get what you want at first and so there is a lot of back and forth as they present one design after the other and you reject it till you get what you want.

So when I heard that there is a tool to help people create ebooks right from the blog urls and come up with great visual designs, I was literally swept off my feet. The tool is called Designrr by one Paul Clifford and believe you me, you will be excited when you see how it works.

How does Designrr work

Designrr works in an easy way that anyone can implement. All you need to do is give it your blog url and it will copy out all the content including links, images, charts and organizational charts that you might have installed. You then pick a template to use for your ebook and format any of the content on the now new ebook design. Once you are pleased with everything, you can go right ahead and click publish to have your ebook published. Congratulations, you are now an author of an ebook!

For people who do not have blogs, they can still use the tool with content on their word editors. Designrr helps you import the content right from your application program and you can then format it according to your preferences and hit publish.

With Designrr therefore, you are saved alot of time and agony that you would go through trying to copy paste content, hiring graphic designers only to get crap designs and a lot of back and forth as you try to push them till they give you what you desire.

Use Designrr when you want to create a lead magnet ebook

Designrr will help you create free ebooks that you can use on your website as a lead magnet to collect emails from people who download it. How this works is that you promise people that they will get an ebook but they have to subscribe to your email list if they really want the ebook. It works all the time since it is based on the law of persuasion; a concept that is explained by Professor Robert Cialdini, a renowned marketing guru. The principle states that people who get a free gift always feel indebted to return the favour. So when you ask them for their email address in return for an ebook, they will be very much willing to give it out. But when write a whole ebook when you have a blog. Just get Designrr to copy the content for you and format it into a nice email magnet.