Sometimes coming up with an unbeatable marketing plan is hard, but businesses require this for their day-to-day operations. For this reason, it’s vital to understand how to draft an unbeatable marketing plan before advancing to the final version. It’s important to first do the research about the various types of marketing plans there are. Not every type will correspond with how your company operates and the leverage you want to use. Here are some questions to ask yourself while drafting a plan.

What is your company’s mission?

This should always be your first step. The mission of the marketing plan should serve the business mission statement and explain how you will acquire new clients. Be sure to stay within the scope of specifically stating what your company or department is dealing with. 

What are your KPIs?

The department should be able to tell the developmental status of a company through the key performance indicators (KPIs). This can only be done if you can determine what your key performance indicators look like. Then use them to come up with goals for the business and help track progress for the stakeholders.

What is your target market?/Who is your competitor?

This is a detailed description of your target market. Every buyer should know what your business deals with. All stakeholders should make a critical decision on this. You also must do extensive research on understanding who you are up against when it comes to competition. Take note of all the competitors, and compile them in one section, sorted by threat level.

What will the content look like?

This part will include what the whole draft entails, in detail. The draft will include the ideas you have in mind, how much you will make, the KPIs, and what mediums you are planning to use not forgetting to include any paid advertising platforms.

What omissions are in your plans?

Remember, the marketing strategy is to help explain what your team is focusing on.Every team should know what they are to deal with. Therefore anything that you don’t want to focus on is included here. List all the hidden expenses, as well. The costs that will see to the success of achievements.

Come up with a section of responsibilities

You are almost done with your draft. It is now time to share out responsibilities amongst the team. You do not have to go into detail, but every team should beware of what they are supposed to do by reading the draft.

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