We hate nightmares so much because they are our worst fears coming to life.

Kayvon Kay lived a life riddled with fear and doubt. He  struggled through school due to his learning disabilities, and was constantly told he lacked the skills to have a successful career. His near-death experience gave him the courage to redefine his own existence. He is now Co-Founder of 7 Figure Closers, where he helps sales managers to hone their craft.

In my recent interview with him, Kayvon talks about the philosophy he used to get rid of doubt and fear in his path.

Learn From The Past

Challenges are not uncommon in our lives. It is how we approach them that sets us up for success or failure.

For Kayvon, his greatest challenge came when he was faced with bankruptcy as a budding entrepreneur. Getting through challenges for him means reminding himself that failure is part of his story.

Failure is an essential part of this story, because it gives you a reason to try again. Kayvon’s method is to view these failures as valuable lessons that you can apply when you try again.

Know Your Why

Kayvon’s keys to staying motivated in the face of fear are the three ‘C’s: Clarity, Conviction and Certainty.  These three elements combine to create a burning desire for success.

“We get afraid because we lack something; resources, knowledge, or experience.  The technique I use to eliminate fear is to sit down and think about what that fear really is. I evaluate my situation and figure out what I need to acquire in order to solve my problems.”

Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Many times when we allow ourselves to be crippled by trepidation, it is because we have lost sight of our goal. Forgetting why you started the journey makes it impossible to reach your destination.

Kayvon overcame the challenges of having ADD and not being good in school by reminding himself of what he did not want from life.

“My motivation stems from what I do not want. I know that I do not want a life of restriction.”