Having the right mindset is one of the many secrets as to why people succeed in life. Aside from putting in the hard work, unleashing their creativity, and developing their skills, having determination and focus can also help in achieving goals. 

This is because setting your mind on a specific goal or project helps eliminate the noise from the world and help you tune your energies and talents into the things that truly matter. 

Walid Tarek Hamed, aka Wvldo on social media, shares the same thought since he focuses on the things that matter to get him to where he is in life and even get him through challenging times. 

“Focus on your craft and find a way to better it each day so you can be successful. You have to be consistent especially with social media, don’t let another person’s success discourage you from putting in work because everyone’s journey is different. be yourself and keep grinding,” he said. 

Focusing His Mind 

To avoid stress and burn out, Wvldo sits alone in his room to reset and gather his thoughts. This way, he avoids getting sidetracked or worrying about the things that don’t need his attention and focus on his goal alone. 

“I [also] go to the gym and workout. [And] I listen to music while working on new content,” he said. 

Using His Critical Thinking Skills 

With a clear and focused mind, Wvldo is able to face obstacles without having to exert himself. He simply uses his critical thinking skills and maneuvers around the situation after studying his options and targeting the difficult parts first. 

“I believe I can overcome any obstacle with a solid plan. I take things one day at a time because it’s a pace, not a race,” he said. 

Wvldo is a North African and Middle Eastern influencer and YouTuber born in San Francisco, California but raised in Brooklyn, New York. He manages content creators with over five million subscribers. He first got recognized in 2016 when multiple videos of his that contain skits and pranks became viral on major platforms. 

In the same year, Wvldo also released his song “NEEDAT” on SoundCloud which got a significant number of listeners. 

He has since then amassed 17,000 followers on a new app called Clubhouse in a month and shared stages with famous celebrities. He has also been posted in Worldstar more than five times for skits that he made that earned millions of views. 

Wvldo has also released two singles that earned a large following on SoundCloud. 

This year, he will focus more on music and plans to go viral again using his creativity with comedy on YouTube. Wvldo also holds viral Instagram lives for comedy and entertainment purposes. 
Catch him in action on Instagram and Tik Tok.