Just imagine what would happen if your dad loses his job and your mom is unable to clear off financial liabilities even after working for two consecutive shifts? Well, it’s too disturbing to even imagine it for a moment.

Yannick van den Bos not only saw it before his eyes but he also helped his family sail during the great recession of 2008. What is the difference between Yannick and other entrepreneurs? It’s the winning mindset—all that matters.

Yannick van den Bos is a digital entrepreneur and online marketing expert. At a time, when people give in, Yannick suggests otherwise. “You should be always ready to tackle the financial crisis using your determination and pure hustle. When I had nowhere to go during the great recession, I started my online business to help my family,” he said.

Innovation and Newness

The dream of entrepreneurship starts with innovation. If an entrepreneur wants to offer the same product or service to end-users, then they are not doing their best. As an entrepreneur, one needs to have visions, he or she needs to offer something that is first-of-its-kind, of good quality, and finally, it must be innovative and unique.

From day one, an entrepreneur has to think about offering something new. If you can’t offer something new to your customer, then it is better to stop dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur.

Perseverance and Persistence

Yannick van den Bos today has everything that he dreamt of in the past, but when he stepped into online business as a businessman, he didn’t know much about it.

Then what transpired his journey from a newbie to a successful digital marketer? It was his perseverance and persistence.

“I used to spend countless hours on online research and studies. All that I wanted at that time was to grow my skills and knowledge of online business and affiliate marketing. I wanted to explore new ways of selling without investing too much money. Today, I attribute all my success to my determination and never-say-die attitude.” Yannick van den Bos stated.

You have to start believing in your idea. You have to start taking your business seriously. You have to stay honest and committed to your goal.

Treat Your Initial Failure As Success

When an entrepreneur starts their journey, they start small. They don’t know what the future has in store for them. Some entrepreneurs also lose a lot of money because of their wrong business decisions. But one who withstands the initial pressure and takes failure as a life-learning lesson will eventually become successful in the long run.

Once you plunge into entrepreneurship, don’t leave the battlefield fearing initial failures and business-related disappointments. Stay strong and fight against all odds that come your way. That’s the only way how you can thrive as an entrepreneur amidst cut-throat competition all around.

Hone Your Skills

What separates a successful entrepreneur from the rest? It’s their art of negotiation, commitment to business ethics, and meticulous time management skills.

Today, Yannick is making money online, participating in various events as a keynote speaker, and mentoring ‘everyday people’ on online business. He has given keynote presentations all across the world; The Netherlands, Mexico, the US, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Spain, and Thailand. But he never forgets to hone and develop his skills further. He always reads good books and writes as well in his free time. 

Stay Optimistic and Hopeful

Entrepreneurs can’t stay sad or disappointed. They have to accept business-related success and failure as a pinch of life and move ahead. And this is what a winning mindset is all about!

You have to take an appropriate decision to keep your business moving in the right direction. You have to be optimistic that today your business may be incurring losses but tomorrow there will be sunshine.

The Conclusion

An entrepreneurial journey can never be a bed of roses. Initial hiccups will be there. But one mustn’t get disheartened by that.

Just perceive your entrepreneurship as a life-long battle—a battle to meet the best version of yourself, a battle to outperform others, a battle to offer the best product and services to customers, a battle to provide unrivaled after-sale service to them, and of course a battle to enjoy all the luxuries and amenities of life that you can’t do as a 9-to-5 employee!