The last year has been a daunting challenge for many people as the ongoing pandemic and social justice issues have torn our society apart. People have turned to news outlets hoping to learn information as to how the future will unfold, however, with the politicization of nearly every event taking place, it has become extremely harder for people to identify what source is telling the truth. Yasmin Tavakoli is a rising social advocate that has held strong this past year, conducting factual discussions about Covid-19 through her series, Talks with Yasmin. She has been a major disruptor in the online news community with her series, as she shares factual discussions with influential figures about various topics, including the pandemic. She discusses major events like the pandemic with doctors, social advocates, politicians, political pundits, city officials, business owners, and many more. Although Talks with Yasmin was initially started on her Instagram, the booming popularity of her series as evidenced by skyrocketing engagement and a plethora of new followers has transitioned into podcasts that are available on Spotify and iTunes.

Yasmin is the perfect candidate to lead such discussions as she attained her Masters in Diplomacy for the University of Southern California, as well as prior experience working with the United Nations. Yasmin separates herself from the masses of other news outlets by making it imperative to focus on the truth, she believes it is important to hear both sides on a certain topic to be able to ascertain what indeed is true, and what isn’t. She emphasizes her diplomatic approach to such discussions, bringing both sides of any stance on the matter, while providing a place of comfort for people to voice their opinion without the fear of judgment or misinterpretation.

Yasmin recently partnered with AllSides, a media technology company that is predicated on sharing balanced news, media bias ratings, as well as civil discourse. Yasmin makes it a point of emphasis to share factual and research-based information on all her social media platforms, encouraging her followers to do the same. She wants people to be informed about the things that matter most to them, so they can take a firm stance on what they believe in while having the necessary information to support their decision. 

During such conversations, Yasmin hopes people can keep an open mind to opinions that differ from their own, she likes to bring forth the truth when looking at an issue from different angles. She wants people to be informed on matters they take a stance on by relying on their own research, rather than blindly following what radical media has to say. Yasmin wants her series to offer an authentic perspective on the news, and infinitely more important, the truth.

To learn more about Yasmin Tavakoli and to watch Talks with Yasmin, find her on Instagram or check out her podcast on Spotify.