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As we prepare for the new year, it is good practice to create some space in our lives, perhaps some time to center ourselves and reflect on how this year past has gone for us.

What were the highlights of your year? What challenges did you overcome? What goals and dreams did you achieve? What goals fell through the cracks and were more difficult to accomplish? Overall, how did this year feel for you, and what do you want to carry with you for the next year, or perhaps let go for the next year?

I recommend everyone to do a Year in Review reflection because you have the power to decide how your next year will unfold.

Instead of being on auto-pilot mode and being a “victim of circumstances”, going with the wind, you can take a more active participation in your life and decide ahead of time, what is really important for you to create and experience in 2020 and beyond.

But before you do that, the most important step you can take, is reviewing how this year went, as it will bring to surface all the blind spots, as well as all the aha moments, and give you a lot of clarity and direction for the changes that are necessary for you to make for the following year and point you in the right direction going forward. Whatever your life looks like right now, it doesn´t have to stay the same. You hold the keys to change. And yes, all those secret dreams, wishes and desires don´t have to stay in the closet. They can be brought to light .


I include this year in review exercise in my flagship Purpose Goals (a very unique and advanced goal setting course), which is all about creating and achieving Goals with a Soul, and goals aligned with your Life Purpose and True Authentic Self.

I am sharing this exercise with you today, free of charge, so you too can do your year in review and start moving the needle forward, you can download it here:️

Hope you do find some time alone this week to reflect on the close of 2019, in order to prepare for 2020, by doing your Year in Review 2019/2020.

P.S. If you set goals, this is an excellent practice to do before you start setting goals.

Sending you much Love & Light,


Nara Lee


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Happy New Year! 🙂


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