Many people have one thing in common almost a year and a half into the pandemic. They are uncertain about their career and have started reinventing themselves for an alternative career. If you are considering doing this as well, I will try to make it less daunting by breaking down some simple truths about what it takes to reinvent yourself. For starters, you can be sure about one thing: You have the ability to be whatever you want to be and to live your ideal life.

Painfully, the traumatic year of 2020 has shown us how little it takes to jolt us out of our comfort zones. Many of us have started to ask ourselves the big questions. What matters most in life? What are the things worth spending our time on? These are some tough questions to think about, but you are already on a good path if you have found yourself asking questions.

You may be questioning whether this is a good time for drastic changes. Do not worry. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious about the uncertainties these challenging times bring to the table. But the reality is that you deserve to search for a more meaningful life.

Many professionals are reevaluating their careers, thinking differently about what they want to do with their lives. Less motivated by money and status and more with their true passions and lifestyle, they may decide to reinvent themselves. Life is too short to be wasted on a career that does not provide the fulfillment that they crave and deserve.

Pursuing a worthwhile life and career is a worthy cause, not only because it makes you gratified but also it will undoubtedly impact others around you and potentially change the world for the better. The reason behind this is simple: love. Anything and everything that is done with love is bound to bring good to the world.

So, how exactly do you begin your reinventing process?

Follow your inspiration!

Your answer to the simple question of what inspires you is an excellent springboard to finding your true purpose. Tough times like the pandemic we are currently battling present a wealth of inspiration. Stories of people beating the worst of odds, selflessly helping others, and making miracles move people in the most positive ways. There are so many ways you can make an impact. Consider where you can do things in a renewed, more meaningful, and more rewarding way.

Ask yourself the deep questions!

Asking the question “why” is one of the most powerful things you can do in any situation. It always leads to deeper understanding. Asking “why” helps create new opportunities, potential, and prospects in every way imaginable. Take time to think about this question and brainstorm your “why”. You can come out of this pandemic with new ideas, new hope, and with a renewed feeling of trust in yourself. During these challenging times, you can create a better future for yourself and for the people in your life.

Follow your passion!

Whatever desire you have been harboring, you should investigate your career pivot thoroughly before taking the leap. Pursuing your passion is admirable, but you should combine that with your skillset and the things you have learned up until this point. What do you enjoy doing and what skills do you want to be using in your next adventure? Think about the marketability of your passion and ask whether it can provide sufficient income to live comfortably.

If you are a naturally cautious person, it would be best to work toward your reinvention while still holding onto your current job. Take one step at a time. You do not need to break all links with your previous career life immediately.

Research and educate yourself

Take the time to do detailed research of what you want to do and what it takes to achieve it. Look at the market; is there a need for the new business you are considering? Talk to people already in the career to see how they entered and what they do on a daily basis. This will let you know if you would enjoy it. Dive into research and network with others in the profession. Take as much time as you need; there is no need to rush. Consider additional schooling and education to acquire the skills you may be lacking.

Be aware of your unique skillset

You have undoubtedly attained a specific skill set that you can use in your reinventing process. More importantly, you have probably learned what your special talents are. What is that unique trait that can take you further? Is it your emotional intelligence, empathy, or a strong will? Is it your talent for negotiation? Take some time to think about your strengths and how you can use them in the future. In what area do you excel over your colleagues? Recognizing your strengths will help you create a vision for your future.

Remember to take it slow

If you have wandered onto this article, I guess you have the burning urge to get on with your reinvention. But I want to remind you of one important thing: it is okay to take it slowly. Take one step at a time. Plan thoroughly. Make a vision board so you can see what your future will look like. Then take steps to accomplish this vision. Making a career change is a big step, but challenges will make you happier in the long run. Just make sure you have sufficient funds saved up as you venture into your new career. Do not let uncertainty become an obstacle on your path to your dream life.

Final thought

One day, we all hope sooner than later, this pandemic will be over. Let us look at it as a new world rising, with humans following the much-needed change. Why not reinvent yourself? Why not take that challenge to let go of what does not serve you anymore and implement changes that will allow you to live the life you want, love, and deserve. You have already overcome so much. This past year was a challenging one for everyone. So, take that wave of positivity and honestly believe that you can overcome any obstacle on your way. You can learn to do anything. And if you put all your love and energy into doing things you love and care for, you will succeed. Remember, it is never too late or too early to try.