Yoga is a way of life. And if we incorporate yoga in our life slowly and make in an integral part of our life, we would be in a peaceful state in our everyday life. We would be able to raise above petty issues and will be able to view everything in a balance way. We would be able to take decisions without getting clouded by our emotions. We would think and act with complete attention, focus and awareness said Allaoua Gaham.

Allaoua Gaham a Yogipreneur has amazed individuals with his natural abilities and enthusiasm for yoga and furthermore went on in acquainting his unmistakable yoga styles with having a tremendous effect in individuals’ lives. Allaoua Gaham is a BioHealth and Wellness Ambassador for Dr. Roze BioHealth Clinics in Dubai and has additionally driven a health and wellness retreat for Accor and ALL at the Pullman Maldives in 2021.

It is rightly said that if we want to maintain a balance between oneself and environment then yoga is necessary for every human. We can’t deny the fact that since ancient times in India yoga is being practiced. The ‘yoga’ word is derived from the Sanskrit which means ‘to join or to unite’. Exercises of yoga have a physical effect and also bring a balance between body, soul and mind. Several years ago, sages analysed nature and cosmos through meditation.

Importance of Yoga

Yoga for better health and even yoga for older has become a well-liked addition to fitness centres and schedules of many people around the globe and for excellent factors.

Yoga methods and the health benefits of yoga is why people are discovering its several advantages for the healing, body, and mind.

The value of yoga in our lives and the health benefits of yoga are abundant, and if you have not yet, go ahead and give it a good old academy try.

Allaoua Gaham says the art of practising yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind. Practising yoga might seem like just stretching, but it can do much more for your body from the way you feel, look and move.

Decisions regarding your health and wellbeing and a free, happy life, are in your hands. Practice yoga regularly as it is easy to do and also helps in getting rid of certain serious health issues that are commonly found nowadays in our daily lifestyle, with firm determination and success will be certain.

Yoga asanas build strength, flexibility and confidence. Regular practice of yoga can help lose weight, relieve stress, improve immunity and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Yoga in our daily lives brings in greater harmony in our thoughts, deeds and actions. Yoga is all about being kind to others and to our own selves. It eliminates the very often vein of judging people harshly or unfairly. It brings down the agitation and restlessness in us and sets us on the path of a calm, meaningful and focused way of living he quoted.